Here Are the Top Sunset Places around the World That Should Be on Your Bucket-List!


A few years ago I stumbled on a quote by Carlos Santana, "There is never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same."

This quote right here had changed my perspective of looking at things - Be it living life each day or watching the sunsets. (sorry, sunrise)

Ever since that, I made sure that whenever I get a chance, I am not going to miss watching the sunset no matter where I am and, I have been really lucky to witness some of the gorgeous sunsets in different countries across the globe. Sharing a few of them from the last two years:

Kerala, India

I heard a lot about Kerala's tea estates, Backwaters and scenic valleys but watching sunsets was never one of them. In December, I spent seven days in Kerala and watched four spectacular sunsets. Though I fondly remember all the sunsets but the one that was beyond words was in front of our floating cottage in Poover island.

Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is known for its fantastic coastline, marine life, turquoise waters and spectacular sunsets, and it truly lived up to its words. Last year, I travelled to Krabi with friends. On the first day, we went to Railay beach, and while returning on a longtail boat, I saw the sky turning into strange colours in a good way. After reaching Ao nang beach, my friends were curious to shop, but I wanted to wait and see if something happens. They all left, and I sat at the Aonang beach's promenade. Within a few minutes, the sky turned orange, yellow and pink. The sight was truly spectacular.

Photo of Here Are the Top Sunset Places around the World That Should Be on Your Bucket-List! 1/1 by Swati Chaturvedi


Bali is another country that is blessed with amazing sunsets. Its a no effort deal in Bali to watch a sunset - Just sit in one of the pubs or restaurants along the beach and watch the sun go down in comfort or run to a beach and let the magic unfold.


Italy bowled me with its picturesque places and mindboggling landscapes. I spent two weeks in Italy and was awed at every sight.

But the one place and moment that left me spellbound was watching the sunset in Dolomites, Northern Italy.

The lush landscape, crisp air and the noise of sheep in an open space and setting sun behind the mountain - shining one last time before bidding goodbye for the day. My most priced moment and a memory to last forever.


Last but not least is where I live currently - Hongkong. Hongkong is known for its skyscrapers, Shining malls and Harbour views but the thing that I like the most about Hongkong is its dramatic sunsets. One can watch the sun setting behind the mountains, directly in the sea or behind its one of many skyscrapers. The best thing is that you don't have to go far to see. The sunset can be spotted right in the city - just walk up to any promenade on an Island line and enjoy the sunset.

These are my top 5 places to watch sunsets. What are yours? Tell me in the comments below!

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