Paragliding In Goa: A Detailed Guide To Everything You Wanted To Know



Photo of Paragliding In Goa: A Detailed Guide To Everything You Wanted To Know by Adete Dahiya

Imagine looking up to see the gorgeous blue sky melt into the horizon, and as you look down, seeing it merge with the ocean. You are somewhere in the middle, gliding through; all your worries, work pressures and deadlines forgotten. This is an experience that only paragliding in Goa can give you.

Paragliding in Arambol Beach

There are two main destinations in Goa for paragliding — Arambol and Querim but the former is more popular, given its ideal location and ease of access. Arambol attracts people from across the country as it also offers professional courses in paragliding.  

Reaching the paragliding site requires a short trek from Arambol beach but the effort is definitely worth it. At the end of the trek, you're met with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea, while standing amid lush green surroundings.

You can opt for anything from 15-minute sessions to hour-long ones. It usually costs about Rs 3,000 for a one hour session, while prices for the shortest (!5session start from about Rs 700. 

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What to do

Paragliding sessions take place throughout the day at Arambol, but it is advised to arrive either before noon or after 4 in the evening, as the sun is too harsh. If you're staying in North Goa, your resort can hook you up with a paragliding operator and prearrange all the necessities. If not, you can always drive to Arambol and then trek from there to the paragliding site.

If you're there just for a one-time leisurely session, speak to the instructors and understand the dos and don'ts. Amateurs and first-timers are accompanied by an instructor while gliding. This lets them relax, let the instructor take over and enjoy the view.

Skill and gear

Paragliding is an activity that can be attempted by anyone. The only consideration is weight as the gear is selected accordingly. If you have specific health issues, make sure to mention that to your instructor.

The instructors control the gears needed for you to make the plunge — a harness that straps you to the parachute and a connector that will have you attached to the instructor's harness. Once strapped, you will need to run a few metres before launching into the air, right off the cliff. And then it's just the open sky and you.

When's the best time to go?

September to March are considered the best months for paragliding in Goa, with December to March being the peak season.

Hot air ballooning in Goa

If you'd like to get the same high as paragliding in Goa minus the effort, hot air ballooning is the activity for you. Started only recently, it is slightly more expensive but one of the best ways to enjoy the view of azure waters and golden beaches against a backdrop of lush green groves.

As of now, the activity takes place at the Assolda Grounds in South Goa and costs about Rs 10,000 for a three-hour ride. The journey takes place early morning so you can witness the sunrise while you are up in the air.

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