All You Need to Know About the Great Government's Initiative: The Vibrant Village Program


On April 7th this year at Kibithu, a rural village in Arunachal Pradesh situated close to the India-China border at an elevation of 9,000 feet above sea level, Home Minister Amit Shah unveiled the Vibrant Village Programme. This programme strives to create prosperous, self-sufficient rural communities.

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The "Vibrant Villages Programme" (VVP), a centrally sponsored programme with a budget of Rs. 4800 Crore, has been authorised by the Union Cabinet, which is presided over by the Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, for the fiscal years 2022–23 to 2025–26.


The programme seeks to transform rural India by opening up access to necessities and fostering economic expansion. Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects will improve connection and make it simpler for people to access vital services. The quality of life for those who live in rural areas will be improved by the availability of power and clean drinking water. Programmes for skill development will open up job prospects for locals, fostering economic development.


Complete village and block development along the northern border will raise the standard of living for residents of the aforementioned border settlements. This will aid in enticing residents in border regions to remain in their homes and stop the exodus from these towns, improving border security.

The programme assists in identifying and developing the economic drivers based on local and natural resources of the border villages on the northern border and development of growth centres on "Hub and Spoke Model" through promotion of social entrepreneurship, empowerment of young people and women through skill development and entrepreneurship, leveraging the tourism potential through promotion of local culture, traditional knowledge and heritage, and development of sustainable environment.


The following key goals have been attempted: connectivity with all-weather roads, drinkable water, 24-hour electricity with a focus on solar and wind energy, and mobile and internet connectivity. centres for tourism, centres with many uses, and centres for health and wellbeing

The government's vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat, which strives to make India independent and self-sufficient, is consistent with the Vibrant Village programme. The programme will support the general economic growth and development of these areas while enhancing the quality of life for the rural inhabitants.

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Photo of All You Need to Know About the Great Government's Initiative: The Vibrant Village Program by Swati Singh

In order to achieve inclusive growth and keep the population in the border regions, the programme will provide funding for the development of vital infrastructure and the creation of livelihood opportunities in 19 districts, 46 border blocks, four states, and one UT along the country's northern land border. A total of 663 Villages will be included in the program's initial phase.

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