"Everyone has got their dream destination and like others I too have got a one and its the “ Las Vegas of Asia” . Yes ,i am talking about Macao . It’s my dream destination.

20 things I love about Macao are:-

1- Macao has got a blend of Portuguese & Chinese cultures ,which is unique in its own way.

2- I would love to visit the “ City of dreams” to explore the casinos for which Macao is famous.

3- The 27 meter high Ruins of St. Paul is one of the famous Catholic Church and its Boroque Architectural style makes it loved by everyone.

4- Next thing i love in Macao is the Senado square which is a part of the UNESCO Historic centre of Macao.It is an elongated traingular shaped square

5- If we talk about Macao ,then the 1st thing that comes in mind is famous Macao Tower & Entertainment Centre. I would love to visit this 338 meter high tower to see the beauty of whole Macau from the top.

6- Anyone will definitely love to visit A- Ma Temple from which the Macao is thought to get its name. A- Ma literal meaning is the Temple of Pavilion of the Mother.

7- Another remarkable destination in Macao for me is the “Monte fort” which was constructed to protect the properties of Jesuits in Macao from Pirates and forms a part of UNESCO World Heritage

8- Another remarkable thing I love about Macao is the Taipa, which is an island in Macao & is top among the other destinations.

9- The Macao Fisherman’s Wharf is an integrated waterfront ,hotel & entertainment complex and one of my dream place in Macao.I totally love this place.

10- Another lovely and peaceful place in Macao is Coloane which is one of the parishes of Macau.

11- I would love to visit Na Tcha to seek the blessings of the deity Na Tcha.This temple is famous all through the Macao.

12- I would also love to visit “ The Museum of Sacred Art & Crypt” which exhibit objects of high historical & artistic value from different churches & convents of Macao.

13- Another place I love in Macao is Conquer Mount Fortress,where I can see canons , military barracks ,wells & arsenals.

14- Another thing I love about Macao is the Almond Cookies which is one of its most popular products.I would love to taste it.

15- Macao Cathedral which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site features a colonial façade and its characteristics are the pilasters & the twin belfries that really gives a lot of character.I would love to visit this place.

16- Another thing I love about Macao is its Free Shutter Bus Service offered by hotels and Casinos in Macao .

17- One of the newest attraction in Macao which I would love to visit is the Golden Reel at Studio city which is considered as the world’s highest figure – 8 Ferris wheel at 425 ft above the ground.

18- Another reason why I highly love Macao is because of its amazing Glittering Macau's City Lights at night

19- I would love to taste Pepper meat balls which is quite famous in Macao.

20- I would also love to taste the Portuguese Egg Tarts which is the popular snack of Macao.