5 Reasons to Visit Bhutan

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Travelling makes me happy and I truly believe that it is the best kind of investment you make for yourself. The best way to create memories, get peace of mind, get some real-life education, learn and unlearn a lot of things. I have a long list of places to visit on my Bucket list and Bhutan is one of them. Bhutan is also known as the " Land of Thunder Dragons". A place which has kept the traditional Himalayan Buddhist culture preserved. The landscapes are breathtaking, has a unique culture, beautiful ancient temples and the thing I am most excited about i.e the food ???? I can't wait for the day when I will visit this place and the pictures on the internet have already set the expectation high. Listing below my top 5 reasons to visit Bhutan:

1.) Natural Beauty:

A break from this city life is always pleasing. Bhutan is already on the top chart for the travelers these days because of its natural beauty. The " Land of Thunder Dragons- Bhutan is blessed to be surrounded by water bodies, varieties of flora and fauna and majestic hills. Bhutan tourism is taking deliberate attempts to ensure and protect the environment. Indian travelers can arrange their independent travel but for others, they have designed policies to minimize the effect of tourism on nature. There are many Budget Bhutan tour packages offered by Bhutan Tourism. The designed tour packages include meals, drivers, guides, accommodation and admission fees. Bhutan's spring season (March, April, and May) is considered to be the best time to visit.

2.) Tourist attraction:

Apart from the scenic beauty the places has many interesting activities for the tourists. Trekking, Hiking and camping can be of interest for people looking for some adventure. White water rafting and kayaking can be done there too. Enjoying the colorful festival with the locals has its own charm.

3.) Historical and Ancient Tradition Preserved:

It is a major attraction for the urban and city residents to see the traditional practices of farming, cooking and other tasks which is still done there. They celebrate and enjoy festivals and wear traditional attires. Buddhism is a prominent religion there. Bhutan has many Tibetian style monuments. The modernization is happening, but they still follow the traditional education systems. And definitely visiting these classic educational centers will be an experience in itself.

4.) Shopping in Bhutan:

I am a big fan of anything colorful and Bhutan market has lots of options like colorful shawls, sweaters, handicraft items. You can also buy the traditional silver jewelery and can even order it. Handwoven goods, handmade wooden products, cane and bamboo items are also available for purchase.

5.) Foodie Paradise:

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Ahh, talking about the food and I am already dreaming about it. Bhutanese food is spicy but not to be missed. The food has an influence of China, India, and Tibet. They use a lot of local spices in their food, especially chilies are an essential part of cooking. Ema Datse is the national food of Bhutan. Gorging the Momos stuffed with different varieties of meat and veggies is the first on my list ????

I can't wait to visit Bhutan, the 'Kingdom of Happiness' and experience the joy, soak in its natural beauty, meet the people, enjoy the food. Combined together this place is worth exploring at least once in a lifetime and I am really looking forward to it.