Macao For Ever #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao

31st Oct 2019
Day 1

Here are the 20 things I love about Macao
1.  The place is a great mixture of Portuguese and Chinese culture and architecture
2. It's easy to visit the place in a day from Hong Kong
3. The legal casinos makes its an attractive spot to hang around
4. The beaches are amazing if not the best
5. The food in Macao has got great taste and different rare varieties
6. Really easy and comparatively cheap accomodations
7. The food market at Thaipa Village
8. Lot of photography spots
9. Sunsets are a must see in Macao
10. The St. Pauls and Mont fortress is an ancient fort which is mesmerizing
11. The sunrise at Dragon Claw point
12. Spend the evening at the Warner Bro's fun zone
13. Bungee jumping
14. Really comforting spas and massage centers
15. Late night parties by the beach
16. View point from Macao observation tower
17. The walk through Macao Lotus flower festival
18. Affordable restaurants and tickets
19. Adorable Pandas everywhere
20. An evening walk through the Senado Square