The Unseen and Offbeat Side of Macao #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao

Photo of The Unseen and Offbeat Side of Macao #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao by Harsh K

A city at the confluence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures, Macao is a city that has much more than what meets the eye. While mostly recognized for its gambling and nightlife, I feel that there are many things that set this city apart from the usual travel destinations which remain unseen. As a traveler I like to explore new cultures and immerse myself in the local experiences of any place. Which brings me to my offbeat list of #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao.


Yes, you heard it right! Indians get a free visa on arrival, making this city one of the most tourist friendly ones in the world.

2. Visiting the Secret Paiza Mansions

This is one of the lesser known secrets of this city. Inside the Venitian Macao, the Paiza Mansions are hidden-away mini-hotels which are only reachable through a private elevator. These hotels offer a private butler and masseuse and other secret luxuries. Only available for the most affluent, these rooms are strictly invite-only.

3. A Place Stuck in Time: Coloane Village

Photo of Coloane Village, Macao by Harsh K

Macao is a city with experience of all kinds. Contrasting to the happening and wild nightlife of the city, there's this village stuck in time gone by. Dotted with cute, pastel-coloured houses this place is the perfect destination for a leisurely walk.

4. The Local Hub: Red Market

The Market is a must-visit for a truly local shopping experience and some yummy street food.

5. Macanese Street Food

Do not forget to try the local street food in the markets with Macanese dishes such as Fong Kei and Lei Ka Choi.

6. Taste a little Europe

With a Venitian Gondola ride and a mini Eiffel Tower at the Parisian, Europe is not far away as you will get a taste of it in Macao.

7. Get Dizzy on the Golden Reel

When in Macau, do not miss the world’s highest figure-8 ferris wheel for a true adrenaline rush!

8. The House of Dancing Water

Presenting the world’s largest water-based performance show right here in Macao! Be sure to enjoy some water acrobatics and stunts.

9. The Leal Senado

A chance to turn into explorers as you find this hidden library on the famous Senado Square.

10. The Fire Services Museum

Relive the brave lives of Chinese and British firefighters at this unique Museum.

11. The Macao Art Museum (M.A.M.)

It is the largest and most comprehensive art museum in the city and an excellent treat for art lovers.

12. Macau Grand Prix Museum

Get in the driver's seat of a Grand Prix car as you visit this fast-paced museum that is one of its kind in the world!

13. Hac Sa (Black Sand Beach)

If you are a beach person then do give a visit to this beach which has a unique mixture of yellow and black sand and an amazing coastline to enjoy.

14. The Spectacle - M.G.M. Cotai

Who doesn't love great skyline spectacles and what better place than this to admire some in a digital form.

15. International Fireworks Competition

Each September Macau hosts an international fireworks competition that lights up this city and is a sight to behold.

16. Monte Fort

One of the most underrated places is town, this is one of the oldest buildings where you can enjoy the shimmering lights of casinos and picturesque sunsets.

17. Batman Dark Flight

The most offbeat on our list, Batman Dark Flight takes you ona multi-sensory, action packed ride through the life of Batman and leave all your senses overwhelmed.

18. The Macao Tea Culture House

For all tea lovers out there, this place is a celebration of tea and tea drinking culture around the world and you're invited for a cup!

19. Maca0 Tower

Time to get the adrenaline pumping as you embrace your love for adventure sports while bungee jumping from the highest tower in town.

20. Chinese New Year

There's no better time to visit this city than the Chinese New Year when travelers are flocking to this city and there are lights, lanterns and celebration all around!

So, I hope that the offbeat traveler within you is excited by now and ready to immerse in the multi-cultural hub of Asia that is Macao.