There's a Mysterious Village in Assam Where Birds Are 'Suicidal'


In the heart of Assam, nestled amidst lush green landscapes and serene surroundings, lies a village that has baffled scientists, petrified locals, and intrigued the world for decades. It's a place where science and folklore clash, where questions far outnumber answers, and where each year, for a few months, the skies above become a theatre of nature's most haunting spectacle.

No point for guesses - we are talking about Jatinga, a quaint settlement with a population of approximately 2,500 people, where an eerie phenomenon takes place every year from September to November, casting a mysterious shadow over the entire region.

Photo of Jatinga, Central Assam Division by Riyanka Roy

What actually happens at Jatinga?

It's a story that defies logic and explanation, where the skies above Jatinga transform into a scene from a chilling horror movie each evening. As the clock strikes 6 pm and the sun starts its descent, the air becomes thick with anticipation. Birds, both local and migratory, take to the skies, only to plummet to their deaths in a bizarre and macabre ritual that has left scientists scratching their heads.

It was actually a famed naturalist, EP Gee, who brought this place into the global limelight in the late 1960s.

Photo of There's a Mysterious Village in Assam Where Birds Are 'Suicidal' by Riyanka Roy

The birds' inexplicable behavior, which unfolds every night between 6 pm and 9:30 pm, has earned Jatinga its ominous reputation as the village where birds commit 'suicide'.

In fact, ornithologists have renamed this place as 'The Bermuda Triangle for Birds'.

Approximately 40 species of birds are drawn into this enigmatic phenomenon, seemingly willingly sacrificing their lives by flying into trees, buildings, or the ground with an almost suicidal determination.

Photo of There's a Mysterious Village in Assam Where Birds Are 'Suicidal' by Riyanka Roy

What is the reason behind this mysterious death of birds?

Theories surrounding this eerie occurrence are as diverse as they are perplexing. Some locals believe that Jatinga is cursed, a place harbouring dark forces that drive these birds to their doom. Others speculate that the excessive magnetic field in the area is to blame, interfering with the birds' navigational abilities and leading them astray.

Yet, despite numerous investigations and speculations, the exact explanation behind this phenomenon remains a tantalizing mystery.

The scientific community has not been idle in its quest for answers! Ornithologists, conservationists, and wildlife experts have flocked to Jatinga, equipped with an arsenal of sophisticated instruments and a burning desire to unveil the truth. Yet, the village continues to hold its secrets close, leaving these experts confounded and awestruck.

For decades, the people of Jatinga have learned to coexist with the mysteries of their village, maintaining a delicate balance between awe and fear.

Photo of There's a Mysterious Village in Assam Where Birds Are 'Suicidal' by Riyanka Roy

Located at a distance of about 320km from Guwahati, Jatinga's twilight avian tragedy may never yield its secrets, but for now, it remains a chilling reminder of the unfathomable mysteries that persist in the heart of our world.

As the village of Jatinga once again captures the headlines, the enigma of its 'suicidal' birds continues to cast its long shadow, beckoning us to unravel the secrets of this timeless riddle.

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