10 Places in India That Even Science Has Failed to Demystify


INDIA! These five letters don't merely forms a name for a nation, but showcase an entire varsity of culture, traditions, history, hospitality, and more. One of the oldest civilizations on our planet earth, India has always been a center of attraction for the rest of the world. In its early days, it was one of the hotspots in the world for spice trading and merchandising. What was once considered as a land of snake charmers, has evolved into one of the fastest growing economies of the world today.

While, of course, the world knows India as a colorful amalgamation of age old traditions and culture, there are several interesting mystiques that has put researchers and the entire concept of science under scrutiny. And, whilst, visiting the Taj Mahal or India Gate makes it to most travel bucket lists to India, let me give you a list of 10 off the track places in India that you can choose to visit, in case you are looking for something more than just a leisure trip.

Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan)

Photo of Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India by Dronacharya Dave

Ask around natives offline, or read about it online, the list of most haunted places in India (and the world) can never be complete without Bhangarh Fort. Located in the desert state of Rajasthan, some 32 miles from the capital city of Jaipur (150 miles from the capital of India, Delhi), this 17th century fort is said to be a haunted premise and have a number of theories knitted around it. Locals has it that there is an evil spirit of a Tantrik (a person who practice black magic) who haunts the place and kill whoever tries to trespass during late night hours. The Archaeological Survey Of India has even put a sign board outside the fort area which clearly warns to not to enter the fort post sunset.

Several research teams (including that of the Discovery Channel) have tried to unravel this mystery, only to find nothing. The fort is possibly the only official haunted place in India.

The Magnetic Hill (Ladakh)

Photo of Magnetic Hill by Dronacharya Dave

Pic Credit: Keshav Prashanth

Have a knack for riding your way to a hilly terrain? Then Ladakh is possibly the best chance you have on your trip to India. A great spot for experiencing tranquility and a preferred route for several biker groups in India, Ladakh is a high altitude area in the Indian administered part of Jammu and Kashmir state.

The Magnetic Hill is a wide open stretch, surrounded by tall and rocky mountains all over, when traveling from the city of Leh to the district town of Kargil. On the route, some 30kms outside Leh, lay a stretch of road which seems to go uphill. Wondering what's the catch? Well, it is said that, while on that stretch, your vehicle continues to move ahead even when the ignition is turned off. It is like some kind of a magnetic device is placed somewhere within a close vicinity, so strong, that can pull any vehicle uphill. There are a number of witnesses who have experienced this eccentric phenomenon while crossing this stretch. Although, the locals have their own interesting justifications behind this magnetic effect, it is said that the real reason behind this phenomenon is the optical illusion. In a way that, the patch that is seen as an uphill road is actually a slant running downhill, but due to the natural formation of the mountains, the horizon is distracted and our minds and eyes are forced to envisage the road as an uphill stretch.

Now, if only Sir Newton were still alive!

Jatinga Village (Assam)

Photo of Jatinga, Assam, India by Dronacharya Dave

Scientific or supernatural, mysteries always generate huge excitement. However, sometimes, there are a few such mysteries which are not as exciting and rather fill you with sadness, void, and despair. This mystery of a small village in the eastern part of India is something of the sort.

Located in the state of Assam, the Jatinga village witness a heavy massacre of different bird species falling relentlessly from the sky. This event is said to be occurring from many decades now, every year, post monsoon months (somewhere around October). During the late foggy evening hours (between 6 pm to 9pm), the birds are seen to just drop dead while flying towards the village area. While it is convicted to be a heavy suicidal act by birds (for no good reason, of course), many researchers and animal welfare authorities have tried to uncover the real reasons behind this phenomenon. Claims have been made that this is actually a killing act by the villagers of Jatinga and not a suicide. Well, whatever be the reason behind this, it is melancholic for the onlookers for sure.

Skeleton Lake (Roopkund, Uttarakhand)

Photo of Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India by Dronacharya Dave

A heads up for all the trek freaks out there! It is exactly what it sounds like. At an altitude of around 5029 meters above the ground, lays a serene and gorgeous glacial lake called the Roopkund Lake. This is one of the most famous trekking trails of the Himalayan region in India and witness a lot of mountaineers and expeditionaries arriving to the spot with their backpacks. While, the idea of trekking your way up to 5029 meters itself is enticing, the excitement of taking this expedition rise several notches up when you know that you may come across a frozen lake all covered with skulls and human bones.

First discovered in 1942 by a British forest guard in the region of Roopkund, the lake has since been a matter of attention for several national as well as international archaeologists. A lot of research and tests were conducted over the period of several decades to unravel this mystery of so many skulls and bones appearing suddenly out of nowhere. After years of analysis (the hair and flesh was preserved under the ice), the researchers finally found out that these bones belong to human bodies from the early 850 A.D. However, the reason of their deaths was still unclear and the scientists had to sync with the analogies made by the natives living in the lowdown villages. The villagers has it that the reason for these deaths was a heavy hail storm with hailstones as big as 23 centimeters falling on these people and eventually killing them (researchers found cracks on the skulls indicating that the impact was made by something spherical).

Pali City and the case of 'Om Banna' a.k.a Bullet Baba (Rajasthan)

Photo of Pali, Rajasthan, India by Dronacharya Dave

You may have heard or seen or, at least, read about people revering stone sculptures of God, animals, holy waters (the Ganges is considered to be holy in India), and some even showing reverence for the devil/satan (not talking about the rock bands). But, have you ever saw or heard about people revering a 350cc motor bike? The chances are, No! Come Rajasthan and you just might witness the very mentioned, unbelievable, scenario.

A short 30 miles from the city of Jodhpur (Raj.) lies a small village named Chotila. On the main highway number 65 one can find a shrine that is easy to spot because of its uniqueness. What's unique? The shrine is that of a tough 350cc Royal Enfield bike, that belongs to a revered person, fondly called 'Om Banna' or 'Bullet Baba'. Locals has it that in 1988, Om banna met with an accident while driving his way back to the village and died on the spot. The bike was deterred and was in no condition to move. It was kept under the police custody at the nearby police station only to find it missing the next morning. On searching, it was found standing at the very spot where the accident took place. The bike was taken back to the police station, but the same incident happened again. It was then, that the village people felt his is a holy spirit and can take care of village people, and that a shrine must be set in honor of the deceased with the bike as the deity.

Since then, the people from Chotila village, and around, visit the shrine and even the passersby (it’s on the main highway) bow down their heads in reverence when crossing the spot.

Kuldhara Village (Rajasthan)

Photo of Kuldhara, Rajasthan, India by Dronacharya Dave

Rajasthan is one of the most visited tourist states in India, and that is because of its royal palaces, enchanting desert (The Thar), natural landscapes, handicrafts, lakes (Udaipur is known as the City of Lakes), and more. But, here we have, the third entry in the list from the princely state of Rajasthan; gives another interesting reason to visit the region may be!

Some 20kms outside the city of Jaisalmer (known as the gateway to the Thar) is a discretely located village named Kuldhara. The village is said to be in an abandoned condition from almost 3 centuries now. What was once a home to hundreds of people from the local community of Brahmins, is a mere ruin site surviving under the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India department. There are a number of different stories which circles around this village, however, the real reason of the entire village getting empty is unknown till date.

No one has even a pinch of an idea where the entire population vanished overnight. Those who have tried to inhabit the village are said to experience paranormal activities at night which forced them to leave as well.

The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi (Andhra Pradesh)

Photo of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh, India by Dronacharya Dave

It’s time to hit the bottom of the Indian sub-continent, the southern part of India. Let me take you to a small village (I wonder, how come most of the strange things comes from village areas! More on that later) named Lepakshi, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At the heart of the village stands an old temple from the 16th century. The specialty of this temple is its outstanding architectural design and a series of 70 stone pillars. But what stands out as the uniqueness of the temple, for which it is popular throughout the country, is one of its pillars that is 'literally' hanging from the ceiling.

Yes! You read that correct. One of the 70 pillars in the temple hangs few centimeters above the ground and makes a gap to pass objects as thin as a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth. Did you said modern science!

Karni Mata Mandir, Rajasthan

Photo of Karni Mata Temple, Alwar, Rajasthan, India by Dronacharya Dave

Alright! Let's admit this. Rajasthan IS an interesting state and is a must visit, not just, for its palaces. Talking about the mystiques of the desert state we have yet another contributor, Karni Mata Mandir; the famous temple of Goddess Karni. Located in a small village named Deshnok, some 30 kms south of Bikaner city, the temple is known for housing close to 20,000 rats. Yes! RATS. And that is why it is also known as the Rat Temple sometimes.

To your surprise, these rats are inhabitants of the temple, where they are taken care of, fed, and even worshiped. Goddess Karni was said to be a mystic figure during the 14th century and was revered by the villagers during her lifetime; even after she was dead. The temple was constructed by the His Highness Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the 15th century, and is completely made from marble.

Loktak Lake (Manipur)

Photo of Loktak Lake, Bishnupur, Manipur, India by Dronacharya Dave

If you are an avid admirer of the nature and its crafting, then a visit to the beautiful Loktak lake is highly recommended. Located in the Manipur state of the eastern region of India, this lake not only carries an enigmatic charm but also a huge significance as the lifeline of the entire state. However, there is one major fact that elevates (or rather I should say, levitate) this water body from any other regular stream; it carries an entire floating island over it, known as a Phumdis!

One of the major part of these Phumdis is the Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is the largest and the only floating national park in the world. Natural landscapes redefined!

Village of Twins, Kodinhi (Kerala)

Photo of Kodinhi, Kerala, India by Dronacharya Dave

Pic Credits: Haunted India

When you first enter this South Indian village in the state of Kerala, you will not find anything unusual. Normal weather, regular lifestyle, and same old traditions. But, give it sometime and a deeper look, and you will be jolted to your bones. A village inhabited by an estimated population of 2000 families have more than 220 twins in total. According to the stats, in 2008 alone, 15 twins were born out of the total 300 healthy deliveries, and the village witnessed the birth of almost 60 twins from 2009 to 2014. Another fact that has amazed everyone is that even women from Kodinhi who are married off to faraway places have exceptionally high rates of twin births.

Several twin-birth experts and other medical researchers have been trying to understand this mystical phenomenon that has been going on since three generations, but have only met with failure till date.

So, what do you think? Did this gave you an entirely different picture of India than what you've known so far!? Traveling to India is a task that can be found on every vagabond's bucketlist. However, why make just any other regular trip when you can experience the chills of traveling in India.

Have you been to any of these places? Share your experience with us.

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