Memories of 2019 - Travel to Sydney

25th Oct 2019
Day 12

To visit the famous Sydney Opera I took a train and one can get down at Circular Quay Station and walk towards the spectacular Opera .The beauty and the view was worth the visit.As you climb up towards the Sydney Opera House,at one side you can view the the Harbour Bridge and he other side The Royal Botanical Garden.

Day 1

Getting down at the airport and the quick and disciplined service brought me out in the fresh air within an hour.Of course my son in law was there to welcome me and we were in Lane Cove within half an hour.

One can also take a train from the airport as the connectivity is very good,only thing is you need to buy your Opal card,which allows you to travel in train,bus and even a ferry,is it not a wonderful experience?

Day 8

After relaxing for a week and travelling with my daughter,I decided to discover the city on my own.I traveled to Manly Beach by bus that cost me around 5 AUD for single journey.I think travelling by train and bus is the cheapest way.We can buy souveniers at the gift shop in Manly.

Day 9

Next Day I visited Darling Harbour. So if you are at darling harbour one can just sit and relax and watch the speed boats or ferries and take a walk or we can visit the zoo.I visited the zoo and it cost me around 44 AUD ,of course it was all worthwhile as I could click some pictures with a Koala.One can also get your pictures in a beautiful album by the zoo photographer in just 35 AUD.

Day 13

My journey was now coming to an end and without going to harbour bridge the trip is incomlete,so I visited the Harbour Bridge and I travelled to Milson"s Point Station, from the Bradfield park one can get a fascinating view of the Harbour Bridge.

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Spring Time is the best time to visit Sydney,with the famous purple jacaranda flowers welcoming you at nearly every street corner.Instead of a red carpet welcome ,one can walk on a purple carpet.

Photo of Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW, Australia by Manisha Joshi
Day 10

No trip is complete without visiting the Blue Mountains the very popular tourist spot and a UNESCO site , a national park which got its name from the blue colour backdrop due to eucalyptus trees.We took a Hip Hop bus with a package including the scenic world and that cost me 99 AUD. The experience of cable car ride and a scenic train ride was all worth the visit.