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Sydney NSW

Kanj Saurav
Vedanta Centre of Sydney and Sydney Utshab celebrate Durga Puja in Sydney at multiple locations: Address: Strathfield Girls High School, 116 Albert Road, Strathfield, NSW – 2135
Garima Aneja
During the span of my 1.5 years in Sydney, I got the opportunity to visit some of the most stunning beaches in Sydney and I decided to pen down some of my favourites for you to transcend into the tranquility of the languid Sydney coast:
Sayanti Mahapatra
The capital city of New South Wales. Most people consider this as the pinnacle of what Aus has to offer, and while there is plenty to do, you’re selling yourself short by only taking a trip here. Likely you and most people think of the Royal Opera House, Bondi and Harbour Bridge. However there is a super rich food culture here, a very ‘Sydney’ attitude to life and of course the surroundings are gorgeous. This one is great for city slickers.
Suvarna Arora
Sydney is Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city. When it comes to nailing the perfect brunch spread, while being tasty and instagrammable at the same time, Sydney does it so well after Bali.From the perfect smoothie bowl to lovely looking salad to variety of juices and other drinks, you can find it all here. Although there are so many that could have been into my list but I would like to go with the top ones. You need to add these to your list whenever you are in Sydney and your feed and stomach will thank you later.
Flip Flop Wanderers
Last but not least: Sydney! New Year's Eve in Sydney, Australia is famous worldwide and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate it in Sydney in 2013. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience!There is a huge firework display at the Harbour Bridge and Opera House at midnight which you can see from far, but the best spot to enjoy it is at the botanical gardens. There are paid celebrations with front row seats, but there is also a huge area at Macquaries Point where you can watch for free. It's a very popular place and the best spots will be taken early. That's why photographers often line up the night before and stay overnight to claim the best spots. We went early morning, around 6.30 am to queue up and we managed to claim some of the last great photo spots. So yes, you'll have to be there almost a day earlier than the actual fireworks!Once inside, there are stalls selling drinks and food and everybody is chilling in the sun, waiting for the show. In the evening, there are some pre-shows and at 9 pm there is a little family fireworks show, especially for the small kids, with also a light parade of boats in the harbour. 10 seconds to midnight the countdown begins, and then it will be a show to remember!Accommodation is sold out really quickly, often already as soon as March! There will be road closures during the evening. Public transport is the best way to get around, so plan your trip! You can find all the information you need on this website.