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September - May
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Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of the iconic spots for both tourist and locals. It houses a number of attractions like Madam Tussauds, Sea Life Aquarium and National Maritime museum. With an array of wine and dine options with multi-culinary options housed along both the sides of the shore makes it an ideal place and busy place for hangouts and catch ups on weekends. If you are ready to spend more on dinning, try the cruise dining options for an exemplary experience. Grab a coffee and take a walk on the Prymont Bridge to catch a glimpse of whole of Darling Harbour.
Becky Mahan
Sydney is a culinary haven for food snobs, filled with more choices in cuisine and flavors than your food-hungry heart will know what to do with. Unfortunately, they come at a price – and usually a high one. My recommendation: buy your own groceries and self-cater as much as you can during your stay, and splurge on one good meal at Darling Harbour. The promenades stretch into Cockle Bay Wharf, where there are more restaurants, cafes, and bistros than you can count. Time your dinner right (between 7-9pm) and you’ll enjoy a golden sunset sparkling on the waters, followed by the bright lights of the high rise buildings reflected in the dark water.
Lauren Fritsky
Amber’s pick and something I’d never done in Sydney. We got a three-hour ride from Darling Harbor past Sydney Harbor with a crew that let us steer the boat and crank the sails. Mid-sail, the heavens finally opened up and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. That night’s entertainment was St. George’s Open Air Cinema. It’s over now, but Bondi has one till March.