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Sydney Opera House

Dixie Somers
Far and away the most recognizable building in all of Australia, the Sydney Opera House hosts over 1,500 performances each year. Planning for the structure began in the 1940's and it was officially completed in 1973. The exterior of the building is made of parabola-shaped shells which represent one of the first examples of a computer being used to perform structural analysis. Each shell is covered in specially made ceramic tiles that make the beautifully shaped building stand out on the city's harbor. Inside, the Sydney Opera House is also famous for its incredible acoustic properties.Art and FunctionFrom apartment spaces, music halls, offices, and casinos, it's impressive when one steps back to examine the incredible artistry that goes into creating spaces for seemingly mundane purposes. Architecture is unique among the arts in that it perfectly straddles the line between aesthetics and functionality. Mankind has expressed himself through architecture since ancient times and advances in technology and building techniques have allowed the current generation of architects to build and expand upon this legacy.
Tithi Banerjee
The next in line is the Sydney opera house. Don't stop by watching it from far. Do walk all the stairs and touch the marvel of Architecture.
Sydney Opera House is one of the most historic architectures around the world due to its shell like structure. Stroll around the Opera House for perfect clicks and for a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is recommended to take a guided tour if you are really a person of historic monuments and culture to know more about it architecture. Also, if possible try to attend a performance at the Opera House to treat yourself.
Aswin Ramakrishnan
A must-see place if you visit Sydney (Duh!). Our office was in the downtown area, so we took a stroll everyday while we stayed in Sydney to the Opera Bar to get a drink and enjoy the weather with an amazing view.
Sydney is recognizable through its Opera House. Therefor, a visit here is obligatory. Listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Center List, this magnanimous structure is a gem in the Sydney sky. Built in 1973, it is well known for its architecture and design. Standing shaped like white sails on the Sydney harbor, the Danish Architect won many accolades for this structure. It marked the start of the Modern era for Sydney after its colonial rule.