Exploring Nusa Penida

26th Jan 2020
Photo of Exploring Nusa Penida by Mojin Abdul Kabeer

Bali has been on our bucketlist for a very long time. So we booked the tickets for Bali two months in advance. And booked a hotel for the night near airport, Denpasar and thought the rest of the trip we would book as we move around depending on where we are. Nusa Penida was our only go to destination as we dint have much time to explore the whole of Bali.

Day 1

We boarded our flight from Kochi on a Sunday night and reached Kuala Lumpur International Airport early morning. We had a 14 hour hold over there. So we roamed around a bit and booked a hotel room in the airport itself for 6 hours as we were really sleepy at one point.

Day 2

We got into our next flight in the evening and reached Denpasar late night. The hotel we booked had airport shuttle and they picked us up.

Day 3

The next day we had breakfast and enquired with the hotel manager about getting to Nusa Penida. Luckily the had arrangements for speed boat to the island. We booked for the afternoon boat and got ready to move. Also the hotel for the night was also booked. We reached the island in the afternoon, rented a bike for 3 days and checked in at the hotel. And rested for the day.

Day 4

Today we had planned to go to Kelingking Beach which was around 40km from the place we stayed. We had inhouse breakfast and left for the beach. In order to reach the beach we had to trek down a cliff for about 40-50 mins which was very steep and was really tiring. We spend around 2 hours on the beach and had a really tiring climb back to top. Its advised to take some water and food when you go down.

Since we were really exhausted we headed back to the hotel by evening and had food on the way. We had extended the stay in the hotel.

Day 5

Next day we had breakfast and check in to a different hotel nearby just for the sake of moving to a new place. But after checking in we could not roam much as it was heavily raining. All we did was book for snorkeling the next day.

Day 6

Today was going to be a big day as we had to do a lot in one day. First up booked a hotel near airport (Kuta) for the night. Then we had a quick breakfast and headed to the harbor for snorkeling which we had to report by 9 am. The snorkeling was done in 4 spots. It was a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

We had around 3 hours for our boat to the Bali main island. So we thought we would roam around a bit and headed towards Seganing waterfall.

We got the harbor on time and returned the bike. We reached the hotel in the evening and got freshened up and wandered in the city for a while on foot.

Day 7

Our flight was in the afternoon towards Kochi via Kaula Lampur.