Mother Nature, You Scary! Yet very beautiful - Bali, Indonesia

31st Jul 2018
Photo of Seminyak, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia by Roshan Chugh (@vagabondfootsteps)

This south east Asian country known as the land of the Gods, known for its surreal sunsets and speechless sunrises. Its lush green tropical rain forests and waterfalls with breathtaking views. The many hidden beaches and the limestone rocks like islands on the turquoise blue water, a blue that is never seen before by me, which is so ridiculously beautiful. Bali was one of my destinations for my first ever solo bag packing trip through south east Asia. But with astonishing beauty comes tantrums and this island of Indonesia does have a high temper. With the build up to the trip my days were filled with reading the news about volcanic eruptions, a small earthquake and many ocean spills. Also,heard the news that the earthquake has hit Lombok, i feel sorry for the people who have suffered during this natural disaster. I can only say, "mother nature, you scary! yet beautiful" Opting for Bali as my first destination for my solo trip was for the only reason that a lot of spontaneity comes with this Island. Bali caters to all genres of travel and that was what excited me the most. It is the kind of destination which gave me the vibe to do whatever that would please me. It offers most of the adventure sports, volcano hikes, some of the world's most stunning beaches and islands with awesome views, a delight for a foodie as the cafes here are so well set up with so many delicious options, or if I were to party or club hop Bali has some of the best beach bars that throw wild parties. It was like i was just going to sit back and choose what I wanted to do and I could just do that. Precisely, the intention of my solo trip to pamper myself with taking decisions for myself from the accommodation to the food to the money I want to spend and to the make new friends on the road and just flowing with the flow. I was headed to the Island for just 5 days but with the limited time available to me, I want to seize the moment and live it to its best and fullest. Yes, my heart beat is racing and adrenalin is pumping!I got to Bali via FlyScoot a budget airlines and subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. Convenient timings, cheap and efficient was the flight. In Bali my base was Seminyak, one of the uber chill areas of Bali and close proximity to Canggu and Sanur which were my main hangouts and places of interest. My main purpose was to visit all of the southern parts of this Island. Based myself in an apartment with the Kunti group of suites, villas and apartments, again good budget accommodation with lots of space which was absolutely what I wanted in a place like Bali. Well, i spent my first evening at Canggu, at a beach bar called 'the lawn' , a fantastic place and a must visit I would surely recommend. It's by the beach and has a pool, lots of cute white umbrellas on the lawn of their property where you can just lie down and relax after a swim and witness one of the most speechless sunsets of Bali. The lawn also has an upper deck sitting area where you can have surreal views of the beach. From all the beach bars, cafes and restaurants I visited 'the lawn' is my favourite. I would just want to go back to Bali and sit all my evenings at this beach bar. Also, they serve one of the most delicious smoothies, prices are marginally higher by its worth it! Canggu is one brilliant place to visit in Bali and can be considered as an option to stay like Seminyak. Crowds are lesser here unlike Kuta and Legion. A solo traveller like me met so many amazing people here a good place to make friends and increase your network. If you are heading to Bali Canggu and Seminyak are the places to stay no matter if you are travelling solo or in a group.