Charcuterie @ Bengaluru


If in Bengaluru and looking for a unique place to eat, try The Smoke Co. located in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 1/7 by Anju
The Smoke Co. at Bangalore

Here, we encountered the Charcuterie Platter. I have never heard the word before, sounds foreign, European; should have googled it; the waiter suggested we try the mix charcuterie platter with an assortment of meats; but instead we decided to experiment with the Salt cured seer fish with dill and sichuan peppercorn.

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 2/7 by Anju
Charcuterie – Salt cured seer fish with dill and sichuan peppercorn served with mustard, apricot compote, fresh fruit, pickled cucumber and mini baguette

Charcuterie is cold cooking - smoking, salting to preserve the meat. The seer fish was sliced wafer thin, the vegetable and fruit bits on the platter were refreshing; but the dish did nothing to satiate our hunger. The food portion seemed too small. The portion size may be aimed at the small belly people; we wanted more food. Maybe we should have tried the meat platter !!

We ordered a house cocktail called Kentucky Apple Pie - sounds more like a dish than a drink; it was good and was brought in a beautiful cut glass glassware.

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 3/7 by Anju
House cocktail called Kentucky Apple Pie at The Smoke Co.

Elegant is the word to describe the interior of this restaurant; the double height ceiling and the walls of glass shower the place with plenty of light.

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 4/7 by Anju
Elegant interiors at The Smoke Co – Lamp shades resembling cupcake wrappers

For main course, we ordered the 6 Hour Smoked Leg of Lamb. It tasted divine and came with toasted bread, grilled corn and coleslaw. We are happy now. The pulled lamb was melting in the mouth.

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 5/7 by Anju
6 Hour Smoked Leg of Lamb

We also tried the Corn Muffin; the butter that accompanied the muffin had honey poured on top and it tasted super delicious !!

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 6/7 by Anju
Corn Muffin

Here's a glimpse of the glass wall at the restaurant and more unique lamp shades. The food was unlike the usual fare we were used to. It was a good experience. It was notable that the waiter introduced himself before taking the orders and now that we know what charcuterie means, will go back and try the meat platters !!

Photo of Charcuterie @ Bengaluru 7/7 by Anju
The glass wall at The Smoke Co. restaurant, Bangalore

Till next post, take care !!