The journey of a veg foodie in Thailand #foodtrail #IWillGoAnywhereForFood

1st Oct 2018

You might have heard about a lot of problems faced by Vegetarians when they travel outside India. I'm a veggie who went to Thailand on a solo trip and to some extent, all the problems you heard are real and hit you hard. However, when you do a bit of research and go prepared, you can sail through the foreign land without too many problems. And sometimes, you will end up having some of the best veg food you've ever had!

Day 1

Coconut icecream

I started my trip with trying the most famous dessert of Thailand - the coconut icecream. It was great!

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Raviteja Govindaraju
Day 2

Mango with Sticky Rice

The next famous veg dish from Thailand is Mango with sticky rice. You can definitely eat the mango but the sticky rice is not for everyone. It's very difficult to consume it if you are used to normal rice and having it with Mango seemed like an uphill task.

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Raviteja Govindaraju
Day 3

Thai Veg Thali

Then I upped my adventure level and tried a full on Veg Thali of Thailand in a remote island near Phuket. It comprised of soup, fried veggies, thai red curry (veg) and boiled vegetables with rice. 

While the soup was good (it could be a little more salty for my indian tongue), the oil fried veggies were ok-ok. Thai red curry's veg version doesn't match their non-veg version just from the looks of it. So, you can easily skip it. The boiled veggies weren't special.

Photo of Phuket, Thailand by Raviteja Govindaraju
Day 4

Flavoured Coconut icecream

When I went back to Bangkok, I tried a different version of coconut icecream but realised the pure and original version is much better.

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Raviteja Govindaraju
Day 5

Indian Masala Chai

After trying out a bunch of other veggie options, I settled for Indian Masala Chai on my last day :)

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand by Raviteja Govindaraju