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According to traditional etymology, Dharamshala translates to 'spiritual dwelling'. The calm expanse of the Dhauladhar Ranges enveloping this city grants it a rich history of spirituality and attracts thousands of travellers from around the globe, looking for that very bliss. Homestead of the Dalai Lama and innumerable other Tibetans, Dharamshala boasts of beautiful monasteries all around, such as those within the Tsuglagkhang Complex, which also houses the Tibetan Leader's official residence. Other attractions include the Kalachakra Temple, which houses some hypnotisingly beautiful murals, the Tibet Museum and the Namgyal Gompa, where monks can be seen engaged in animated debates in the afternoon. Apart from the spirituality, this charming little city also hosts International Film festivals, local fairs, Shoton Spring Festival and the vibrant Tibetan Opera- 'Lhamo. The city is usually dormant with regard to adventurous activities, but for those thrill seekers and nature lovers around, an adrenaline rush always awaits them. Some resorts provide opportunities for paragliding, flying fox, rock climbing, zip lining, rappelling and even night camping. Treks through the magical hills and forests are always invaluable, the most cherished one being, the trek to the snowy peaks of Triund. Dharamshala's vast Tibetan population gives way to charming little kitchen cafes serving the most lip smacking Tibetan dishes, that too at very affordable prices (below Rs 500 for two). Dishes such as thenthuk, thukpa, chocolate and meat medallions are a huge hit with most travellers that have visited and sought refuge in this city's mystical spread.
Best time to visit Dharamshala is from March to June


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