Beijing At It's Best!

5th May 2014
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 1/7 by Harsh Agarwal
The Mad Food!!!!!
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 2/7 by Harsh Agarwal
powwow with chinese students:)
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 3/7 by Harsh Agarwal
The Great Wall of China..... And It is indeed
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 4/7 by Harsh Agarwal
Chinese Rendevous with Harsh Agarwal;)
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 5/7 by Harsh Agarwal
The CIY team!!!!
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 6/7 by Harsh Agarwal
We Rock and We Don't Care!!!
Photo of Beijing At It's Best! 7/7 by Harsh Agarwal
Beijing Thumakda!(We got Beijing Dancing!!)

I wish my heart could speak and my eyes could redraw the super amazing experience that I had in BeijingI am sure that If I now start using the adjectives to describe my month-long stay in Beijing, I am sure that within a moment I will run out of them! My trip wasn't special because of one particular thing. It became grand because of the culmination of all the people that I met, all the places that I visited and everything that I did there in those 30 days! Beijing is so modern in it's amenities yet so conventional when it is about the peoploe out there. They are so modest and ever-ready to help you! I mean this is what a traveller wants! He wants his host city to be nice and kind to him. There was an instance when I had to be at a cafe right in the heart of city, amidst all the hustle and bustle and I lost my way!!! Even the google map wasn't able to find a way out for me then! But then two young Chinese lads came to my rescue! They called up my friend in that cafe, understood the address from her and then they took me in their bike!!! In today's busy schedule who has the time to do so much that to for a complete stranger!!!! I was amazed seeing such courteousness. Beijing People you won my Heart! Apart from their kindness the next big thing to look forward is- the Mad Food!!! Chinese Culinary is the most wackiest yet lipsmacking! From Dumplings to Kuang Pao Chicken eveything is worth a try! For all those who plan to explore the Chinese culture and cuisine, all that I can say is that keep your mind and DSLR ready for some mind-boggling, out-of-the-world moments and places!!!  

Great Wall Of China The grandeur of the Great Wall of China can't be felt unless and until you yourself experience it! The great architecture takes your breath away! The lush green forests surrounding it, the trans-siberian train passing underneath it... everything is just picture-perfect!