Sometimes, the most unusual travel destinations are also the most surprising. While millions of tourists flow to the same old famous destinations, there are some unique places in the world that will leave you breathless. Sometimes, the best experiences are those from places rather unknown to the masses. Such a place is Romania and there are countless reasons why you should absolutely visit Romania. A long-time guarded secret for traveler, a trip to Romania offers unique opportunities for a variety of experiences. You can visit the mountains and pass to the sea in the same day, you can watch a traditional activity in the most rural area and party at night in a bustling city, you can have a thousand destinations in just one country.

Romania is located in south-eastern Europe, at the crossroad of three important geographical elements: the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea and the Danube River. Romania is also located midway from the North Pole and the Equator, making it the perfect four season destination. Caught between Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Romania is a land of unimaginable natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, interesting traditions and a welcoming people. If you have not decided yet and want to discover this unique destination, here are a few reasons why you should definitely do it.

• The Carpathian Mountains – is one of the key characteristics of Romanian landscape, the Carpathian Mountains offer limitless possibilities for both visits as well as activities. The mountains offer some of the best active holidays, with many caves, gorges and canyons, high peaks and mountain resorts. These are some of the wildest mountains in Europe and some of the last wild bears and wolfs are found here. The biodiversity is extreme and you have the choice for a variety of activities: hiking, skiing, rock climbing, rafting, canyoning, wild watching, photo hunting. You will be left amazed after you see some of the landscapes and sights found in the Romanian mountains.

• The Black Sea – although Romania does not have a tradition as a beach holiday, the Black Sea offers great opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. There are destinations and resorts perfect for your family holiday, but you also have the fun and hip destinations for young tourists, with plenty of clubs and discos ready to keep you active all night long. On top of that, you also have a choice of summer activities that are perfect to complete your program: cruises, yachting, sailing, sky jets, parasailing, etc.

• The Danube Delta – One of the treasures and wonders of Europe, the Danube Delta is the youngest terrain in the whole continent. A maze of canals and small islands, isolated from civilizations, with just a few fishing villages, the Danube Delta is a heaven for all wild lovers. This is one of the greatest places in the world to watch birds in their natural habitat, as well as many other protected or rare species. A reserve of the Biosphere, the Danube Delta invites its visitors with unique landscapes and opportunities for self-discovery.

• The cultural heritage – With a millennial history and one of the most interesting civilizations in Europe, Romanians have a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Unknown too many people, Romania has given to the world many important figures and personalities. To name just one, you might have heard of Constantin Brâncuși, the father of modern sculpture. Born and raised in Romania, he left to pursue his artistic dream with nothing, almost walking to Paris, where he became of the most important names in modern art, creating a heritage that still amazes.

• The orthodox monasteries – Some of the most beautiful and interesting tourist landmarks in Romania are the orthodox monasteries, present almost everywhere and a testament to the belief and devotion of these people. With their traditional architecture and idyllic location, some monasteries are real treasures for both the eyes and the soul. You can find the best destinations in south-western (Northern Oltenia) and north-eastern (Northern Bucovina) parts of Romania.

• The old fortified churches – Unique in the world and marked by their centennial past, these churches in southern Transylvania have been fortified to provide shelter in case of war or danger. Unique feats of engineering and charming with their traditional rural look, the fortified churches will surely impress any traveler who sees them for the first time.

• The popular traditions – Romania has some places where you feel that time stood still, where you can still see some traditions that other countries of areas have long lost. There are places in Romania where people still dress like 100 years ago, where popular music and dancing is still a big part of the community, where traditional ways of working are still alive. There are also villages in Romania where you can discover these things without asking and without being aware.

• The modern cities – Romania is a place of many contrasts, so even if there are still places so rural that you think you are still in 19th century, there are cities and towns where modern life is thriving. Beautiful monuments, cultural events and a bustling nightlife.