A close encounter with nature's abode

20th Aug 2018
Photo of A close encounter with nature's abode by Snehal

Algonquin Provincial Park is in southeastern Ontario, Canada. Its best accessible by road for which you can rent a car from Toronto. Algonquin, the first provincial park in Ontario, protects a variety of natural, cultural, and recreational features and values. As one of the largest provincial parks, Algonquin is diverse and offers something for nearly everyone. The park’s forests, rivers and numerous lakes, including the large Lake of Two Rivers offer the best scenic views and peace that one could think of one wants to have off from the city life The park’s many trails include the Whiskey Rapids Trail, along the Oxtongue River, and the Barron Canyon Trail, with views from the north rim. The Algonquin Logging Museum features a re-created camp and a steam-powered amphibious tug. Beaver Pond Trail is a 2.0 km loop trail that yields excellent views of two beaver ponds while the guide provides an introduction to Algonquin's fascinating beaver pond ecology. Other activities like, Canoeing or Kayaking in lakes like Oxtongue, Lake of two rivers, Lake Opeongo and few more is worth the time as you get to witness scenic views especially in falls as your kayak turns every corner in the lake. If you are the lucky one, you can spot moose, bears, beavers and common loons who are the residents of the park. There is more to this park for adventure enthusiasts with many activities like - Backcountry Camping, backpacking, biking, Dog Sledding, Fishing, Hunting & Trapping, Skiing, Snowmobiling. If you are one of those who is neither adventure buff nor wants to step out in kayak or trek, then just drive throughout the day in your vehicle and cover every corner of the park watching the spectacular views. The park can be best visited during summers and early fall season. To get spectacular views during the scenic trails or kayaking trips recommend travelling in September-October when the fall sets in and the entire park turns into a picturesque painting of bright fall shades. It is advisable to carry woollens and rainwear as the park can witness extreme weather conditions in the same day. Also, for most of the above activities it is advisable to pre-book your activities to avoid disappointment. ‘Algonquin Outfitters’ is the most popular and resourceful service provider.

The above cost of USD50 is per person for a full-day kayaking activity opted during peak season (summers). Most of the trails are free of any charge though one has to pay per day CAD 15-18 park entrance fee for the vehicle.