Weekend in Canada

19th Aug 2023
Photo of Weekend in Canada by Jyotirmaya Meher

I have always been a travel enthusiast and traveling for me is therapeutic.

Ever since I have been in the USA, visiting Canada was in my wishlist, since it is close from Ohio where I currently stay.

This time when I finally got my visitor visa after a hustle I wasted no time, packed 2 pairs of clothes and just left for the weekend to Toronto.

Let's go through my mini weekend trip to Canada, and I will share my experience so it's easy for you if you choose to visit someday.


1. As I already have friends staying there, I didn't make any accommodation reservations. Also, hotels are a bit expensive if you are checking in downtown Toronto. If you can, stay a bit further in places like Brampton or Mississauga which costs around $100USD-$120USD per night rather than paying ~$250 USD in Toronto.

2. Plan to leave early, around 5 AM should be perfect. As it takes around 5 hrs( with break) to reach Toronto.

3. Get your documents, carefully check your Passports, carry proof of your stay, keep a reason ready for your visit, US ID, some cash.

Photo of Weekend in Canada by Jyotirmaya Meher

Let's Start the Trip, Hurrayy!!

I started around 6AM EST, I was already an hour late, as the excitement of finally visiting a new country kicked in at midnight and I couldn't sleep. Tip: Please get a proper sleep if you are planning to drive.

Starting from Cleveland, Ohio via I-90E till Buffalo and then crossed USA via Rainbow bridge (4 hours) . There are other routes you can take ex, Peace Bridge if you want to have a scenic drive, or QEW if you want to skip the scenic drive.

Photo of Weekend in Canada by Jyotirmaya Meher

I took a quick coffee break at around 9.30EST in Buffalo at Dunkins. Here I made a boo-boo for not stopping early as there were no Food Exits for at least 50 miles before I reached Buffalo. Tip : if you wish take a stop after 2- 2.5 hours to the nearest exit.

Plan to clear the immigration before the peak hours which is 10AM EST- 11AM EST, try reaching around 8AM EST to avoid waiting in lines for >30 mins.

The immigration process was quiet simple and hassle free. The immigration office asked for my passport, details about my purpose and destination, duration of my stay, status in the USA, work details and if I am bringing any food/gift along. It merely took 5-7 mins and I was cleared.

As I crossed the Rainbow bridge, the Niagara Falls was just across the immigration post. I parked my car at the nearest parking spot which was $5 CAD/per hr.

Funny story here, the parking person asked for cash, and I couldn't think of CAD and paid him $5USD. Switching currency takes times, I got confused a couple of times during the trip.

It was a 10 min walk from the parking spot to the Niagara Falls and there it was the beauty. It was indeed a worthy watch. I walked the entire route to the last point (Table Rock Restaurant) where you can watch the Falls. You can click picture along the entire route, Carry water bottle or something to keep yourself hydrated, as you will reach around the time when sun is over your head.

Photo of Weekend in Canada by Jyotirmaya Meher

I spent about 2 hours watching the beauty and then left for lunch. I searched for some Indian food places nearby and found really cool options to choose from. I had my lunch at The Dhaba On The Falls which had some amazing and scrumptious Indian appetizers and entrees. I wish I could just have a nap right there after the heavy lunch.

Photo of Weekend in Canada by Jyotirmaya Meher

I was staying at my friends at downtown Toronto, which is 2 hours from Niagara Falls. I started around 2PM EST, and due to heavy traffic on Saturday, took me 2.5hrs to reach. Tip : Change your speedometer reading to kmph from mph, as the speed in Canada is measured in Kmph.

Places to Visit

Toronto Downtown - Yonge Dundas Square, CN Tower, Harborfront, Toronto sign

Everything is in a walkable distance, so you can park your car at the hotel or a municipal parking spot and take a toll of the amazing views Toronto Downtown has to offer.

Day 2 :

I started with visiting the soaking in some Vitamin D at the Woodbine Beach Park, Took some rocks from the beach, they are beautiful and surprisingly unique. Had icecream from a local store walked by the beach for a refreshing experience.

Later visited Casa Loma, a Gothic Revival castle-style mansion and garden in midtown Toronto, Ontario. There is a place beside the castle where you can have a look at the city from the top and its mesmerizing.

Photo of Weekend in Canada by Jyotirmaya Meher

As I didn't have a lot of time, I visited another Indian restaurant named Milan in Brampton for lunch, had some street food ( Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji) and ended my trip with a mouth watering Paan.

I started back at 6PM EST and by 11PM I was in Ohio.

Hope this helped, Please comment down if there is any other details or content you wish to read about.