A Visit to the Beautiful City of Toronto in Canada

10th Dec 2019


Photo of A Visit to the Beautiful City of Toronto in Canada by Akanksha Verma

I visited Toronto before COVID hit & it became my favorite Canadian city in no time. 5 days in the city brought the best out of me mainly because it made me do things that I don't usually do like shopping or playing with zoo animals. The city not only made me do it but also made me like it enough to try again. That is a big personal parameter for me that Toronto passed with flying colours.

The internet has a plethora of things to excite you about that might end up boggling your head like it boggled mine. That is why I am sharing my best picks from here with you. Right below is a crisp itinerary I curated after thorough research and my first-hand experience to guide you on how to enjoy the city of Toronto in 5 days:

Day 1: Explore the City Vibe

Day 1

Get the Finest Taste of Toronto at the Distillery District

I was lucky enough to visit during the holiday season so the Cavalcade of Lights at Nathan Phillips Square was a big hit of my trip. I started my day with the trendiest part of Toronto in this very charming district. It brims with old buildings, effortless boutiques, tiny hubs of artists mushrooming all across the area.

A never seen before historic vibe adds to the entire feel. If you are here during Christmas, this has to be your go-to place. The annual Toronto Christmas Market is a huge hit with its cosy lap blankets, live music, local pop-up stalls, and hot chocolate. I would highly recommend you to consider it worth your time.

Enjoy Some World-class Theater

You would love to know that Toronto is the world's 3rd largest center for English theater. I was surprised to know this fact from a local there. I went for an evening show at the Royal Alexandra Theater and had a great time. You can also pick from the Canadian Opera Company, the Toronto Center for the Arts, and the Canadian Stage Company based on your inclination. Even if you haven't been a fan of theater, allow Toronto to prove the power of good theater right on your first day in the city.

Day 2: Toronto Islands to Make Your Day

Day 2

The Gorgeous Toronto Islands

Keep Day 2 to get closer to the sparkling Islands of the happening city. Take a comfortable ferry trip from Queen’s Quay to let all your hopes reach the sky. The taxi boats took about $5 that I thought was quite cheap compared to other ferries. It is one of the best ways to get familiar with the stunning beauty of the effortless Toronto skyline.

A few things that you should surely do are:

1. You can always go sailing, swimming (my favorite), or rowing amidst other challenging outdoor activities.

2. Hire a kayak and paddle your way around Lake Ontario. Speaking from experience, this particularly will be very challenging but a very cherishable experience indeed.

3. If visiting between May and September, Electric Island will swoon you off your feet with its music fests.

4. Enjoy some hot barbecue while you get drunk under the bright sun. It has its own set of perks, doesn't it?

5. A very out-of-the-box thing to consider would be stopping by at the very popular Nude Beach. If you are into reptiles, don't forget the very weirdly fascinating Snake Island.

Whether you are traveling with family or colleagues, this is the perfect day out in Toronto. Unlike me, if you happen to travel with kids, check out the Centreville Amusement Park at all costs with its endless variety of fun rides for children. Nonetheless, Center Island is your best pick if you have limited time at hand. If not, you can always hop from one main island to the other the whole day and trust me, you are going to have the best time of your life. On my way back from this thrilling Day 2, I took a good halt at South of Downtown and dropped by for a quick but delicious bite before heading back to my apartment. Toronto sure has a great taste for food.

Day 3: The Marvel of Niagara Falls

Day 3

What Better Sight than Niagara Falls?

No trip to Toronto can be planned without a part of it dedicated to the gorgeous and the most majestic Niagara Falls. It is slightly over an hour’s ride that takes you just to the edge of the thick milky waters there. You can pick between driving by yourself or registering for a tour of sorts, I enjoy driving soI picked the former. Tours have their own perks as they give you a clear advantage of dropping by at Whirlpool Rapids. The town of Niagara on the Lake and the Floral Clock during the most-popular Hornblower Niagara Cruise are my top recommendations. Take from me in writing, this will be one of the experiences that you would want to remember Toronto by.

Three of the best activities to consider here include:

1. Maid of the Mist - Hop on these wonderful boats taking tourists around since the 1840s and it might get you wet in the process. With a modest ticket, this 20-minute ride will be your most memorable brush with the Niagara waters. To ditch the crowd, go for it as early as 9-10 in the morning.

2. Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens & Butterfly - A lush 10-acres of shining green habitat full of thousands of plant species. You can expect to explore this place anywhere between 2 to 3 hours. The gardens full of flowers here are fairly quiet but expect a crowd at the very popular Butterfly Conservatory.

3. Old Fort Niagara - This 17th-century fort consists of well-preserved tidy buildings straight from the past. Know about the history of wars and the legacy associated with the attraction and you can easily spend about 2 hours here. The gunpowder rooms, cannons, and barracks have a different side to add to your Toronto and Niagara trip.

Day 4: Befriend the Animals and the History of Toronto

Day 4

The Furry Meeting at the Toronto Zoo

On Day 4, I decided to check out the Toronto Zoo. Zoos are a very potent way to get to know the diversity of the city, aren't they? I was surprised to find out that over 5,000 species of animals adorn the natural habitat here. You will get to know a lot about which region of the world is popular for which kinds of animal species. Be friends with friendly orangutans and penguins and get awestruck by the mighty lions, giraffes, and tigers. If you are visiting here in the summers, the Discovery Zone is a popular pick to go for. The Gorilla Rainforest was quite fascinating along with the polar bears gracing the Tundra Trek. This Rogue River hub will leave you full of the happy loving animals inhabiting the zoo.

Hop from One Museum to Another

From Gardiner Museum to Royal Ontario Museum in Bloor Yorkville, there are so many museums to look out for on Day 4. A personal favorite would be the beautiful Textile Museum of Canada in Downtown Toronto with over 13,000 artifacts from over 2,000 years ago. While you are Downtown, Mackenzie House would be a great pick as well. There are so many historic and scientific museums up on the line. One fine choice to stand against them all is the magnificent 1914 Casa Loma, the very own castle of Toronto. No matter what you incline towards, your second last day is completely sorted with me.

Day 5: Chill, Shop, & Relax

The final day is always supposed to be the most fun and relaxed. Here are a few things that I did and enjoyed a lot. You could pick based on your personal preferences:

Day 5

1. CN Tower

If there is an attraction that stands for Toronto, this has to be it. I kept my last day to enjoy the entertainment hubs up here. This award-winning destination is an excellent spot for dining and it kept popping on every Toronto list that I opened before visiting. The glass elevators climbing to the top in no time is an experience in itself. Look over 100 miles from the top floor; Sky Terrace and Sky Pod here allow you the experience of the globally recognized glass floor. Apart from the experience, the KidZone and gift shop are two good spots to check out while you eat and enjoy your last day in Toronto.

2. Eaton Center Mall

It is a great option for an ultra-modern shopping experience, and needless to mention how huge its area is. Find this in the Central Business District and let it take you by surprise. The never-ending variety of food experiences and shopping that it offers left me quite content (and broke). You can easily get lost here but for good. What better way to snack and shop your way around comfortably on your last day in the city? That's the excuse I used for those extra calories, you could too.

3. St. Lawrence Market

One of the finest markets that Toronto can welcome you to. It is, hands down, one of the best places that I went to on this trip. While there is so much to shop for all pockets, it is the variety of experiences that is stuffed here that won all the brownie points from me. One great spot to visit is the Hockey Hall of Fame. The prestigious Stanley Cup calls it home while you can spot some of the rarest jerseys here as well. Isn't the area a whole package to end your trip with smiles?

With top furnished apartments in Toronto snuggled in the creamiest parts of the city, you can be assured of making the most of your trip to Toronto city. With my crisp itinerary to your rescue, 5 days in and around the city will be more than enough to give you the perfect taste of the city, both as a tourist and a local. Thank me later!