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Toronto is now become a popular city among Indians and other travelers. I see a lot of movement into this city from an immigration stand point. I took the cue when I saw a lot of my friends were either moving to this multicultural city or were visiting it during their trip to the United States' East coast. Having moved here myself, I made it a point to explore the beautiful natural locations around Toronto, a city I now call home. A lot of people have written to me on Instagram and other platforms inquiring about what they can do/see in and around Toronto which is why I'm sharing my travel highlights from around Toronto here for anyone who's planning a trip to Toronto.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

This one's a must see from the Canadian side and if you're asking why - it's because you get to witness the falls in all their majesty from this side. While visiting you can opt to take the ferry boat ride that takes you as close as possible to the falls.

1.5 - 2 hours from Toronto | Can stay overnight or make a day trip out of it | Buses and transportation options are available from Toronto city

Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto

While it's winter weather for most of the year in Canada, come Spring/Summer, you can have a ball of a time at the beaches of Scarborough Bluffs. Accessible during the summer months by public transport, this is a great spot for a day picnic! Beware, this is not a sea/ocean but a Lake. Does it look like it is??!! You can swim, indulge in the available water sport activities, bring along your portable BBQ, beach ball and towel to enjoy.

30 minutes - 1 hour from downtown Toronto, depending on where you're travelling from

High Park, Toronto

This park is a much needed green space within this diverse city. With a zoo, walking trails, lakes with fish and birds, Torontonians make a day trip out of it. Easily accessible by public transport, this park shouldn't be missing on your Toronto travel list.

Within the city of Toronto | Use the Toronto Transit Commission to travel to High Park

Cottage country, Ontario

This is what every Canadian has done and continues to do - cottage trips during the summer/fall. I was invited for my first cottage trip last year to Bobcaygeon in the Kwartha Lakes region and it was worth it. It helped me connect with nature, unwind, connect in the physical space and disconnect with the digital. It was a much needed break in a world where we're constantly online. I'm planning a couple of cottage trips this year. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook for regular updates :)

Bobcaygeon is a 2 hour drive from Toronto | Drive

Ancaster - Hamilton, Ontario

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

– Jim Bishop

I've been in love with autumn ever since I laid eyes on the lovely natural warm colour palette this season puts on. I took every chance in the fall to explore all the places full of nature's beautiful display. Ancaster in Hamilton was one of the many towns I made a day trip to for this natural show.

Ancaster, Hamilton is 1 hour away from Toronto | GO Buses are available to get to Hamilton. Ancaster is best accessed by car

Dundas Peak, Ontario

Another great spot to walk amidst the beautiful warm autumn colour palette. Hike up the Dundas peak and walk alongside the Tews Falls and a valley of spectacular colours. The colours are a blend of greens, yellows, bright orange, reds and browns. Dundas peak can sometimes get really crowded so plan your trip accordingly. Arrive early so that you have enough time to enjoy the space with your friends/family.

Drive to Dundas Peak about an hour away from Toronto

Niagara White Water Walk, Ontario

This boardwalk close to Toronto runs beside some of the world's fastest rapids. I could hear the gush and rush of the water and could only imagine what a raft would do in such waters. Experience the gush of this emerald water while visiting the Niagara region. This is a perfect location to spend half a day.

1.5 hour drive from Toronto

Lavender Farms, Milton, Ontario

Lavender farms are all the rage! And if you're not in Europe this time to catch the lovely and beautiful farms in Lisse, Terre Bleu is your answer! The farm is open only June - August so it's best to plan in advance. I went on a rainy day and avoided the crowd. When you visit, don't miss the rich Lavender ice-cream at the farm. If you don't try this, it's like you never even went.

Terre Bleu is an hour's drive away from Toronto

Hope all of these adventures make it to your list of adventures from Toronto. I'm taking another batch of adventures this year and will write about them soon.

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