Champaner: A Paradise Of Mosques

22nd Nov 2015

Almost like every other day, I was Googling amazing locations to discover. This time, I was planning a route for my road trip across Gujarat on my motorcycle starting from Mumbai. One of the first few images I stumbled on was of Jami Masjid. It was like love at first sight. I had to see the magnanimous beauty of the Jami Masjid. So Champaner was my first destination of my grand road trip.
Its seems Champaner had a lot more for my wanderlust needs. This little town is home to some of the most stunning mosques in India. Starting with Jami Masjid which is listed as one of the Heritage structures of Baroda. Every tomb, every corridor, every inch of this mosque is carved with artistry. If you love heritage architecture, you have have to visit Jami Masjid.
The second one is Sahar ki Masjid. Surrounded by the fortress walls and located by little houses around, Sahar ki Masjid is yet another masterpiece of architecture and art. The grand entrance gate into the village often known as the Champaner Archeology Park with the beautiful backdrop of Pavagadh Hills sets the ambience of an ancient era.
A little 4km drive from the Jami Masjid over the bending and twisting roads lead us to this beautiful lakeside Mosque called Kevdi Masjid. A small hall made of red bricks exactly opposite to the lake looks like a location right from a Bollywood film. And opposite to that is this hall of pillars with circular opening in the centre and scenic views from all the openings. With so many Mosques and archaeological landmarks, Champaner is clearly A Paradise of Mosques.
With such an amazing start to my journey, I was energised, inspired and excited for my journey ahead. 
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