Giordano’s Pizza Shop on Chicago.

10th Sep 2022

Heaven after long hungry hours!

After roaming around the city with my friend Erik, we were tired. We thought it was quite late in the evening and we both decided to have some food. I wanted to try out something light so that it doesn't affect my health during the flight back to my country. So it was my last day in Chicago. And I believe, here comes the good part. We ordered the deep dish pizza. Erik was a food blogger and has been to several good restaurants and had good pizzas before. Here comes the fun part. Erik actually liked it. Not that I'm considering Erik's likes and dislikes as a standard of measuring a pizza's quality but even I found it amazing. We were super hungry. The pizzas took a little bit longer to deliver at our table but I really understand that places like Giordano's can be busy with a packed house. As we said, we ordered the deep dish pizza. This was the first time I tried out any deep dish pizza. I have heard about the hype a lot and thus, I would say. It is really worth the hype. And to my surprise, the food was something fascinating. I really liked how it tasted and felt in my mouth. I'm giving the restaurant four stars because it took slightly longer to get the pizzas at our table. Other than that, my experience here was absolutely lovely. The staff were nice and polite to us and they treated us quite well. I would like to visit Giordano’s Pizza Shop once again I'm in Chicago. 

Photo of Giordano's Pizza Rogers Park by Sukanta Singha Roy