Chitkul - the last Indian village on Indo-Tibetan border!!

27th Jun 2019
Day 1

a cup of an emotion

Photo of Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

om namah shivay

Photo of Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

Some enjoy journey, some enjoy destination. I was never aware that journey of few hours from Reckong peo to Chitkul would take me to a different world. I took the window's seat as always and I was stunned to see how well these local drivers ride the HRTC(Himachal Road Transport Corporation) buses where it runs on edges and reverse gear gives you goosebumps. It was so thrilling to cross one of the most deadliest roads of India, certainly the best adventurous route I took so far. The closer we were about to reach to our destination the more beautiful views turned up. On the right side Baspa river was flowing parallelly with us and on the other hand the giant mountains mellow downed and turned up into a valley.

I reached by the afternoon and checked-in in my hostel Zostel which I booked already. My bed was at the river facing side hence I could have the magnificent scenic view from my room itself. There were few other solo travelers too who I became friends with. After all being a solo traveler gives you a chance to share your experiences, coming from different cultures and backrounds but still connected with same bond which is Travelling. Cheers with a chai is always a good idea to revive up your energy.

As it was almost evening by the time I settled down at the new place with new people. I picked up my companion (a rainbow umbrella) and thought to take a random walk to gulp down some fresh air and feel the raw vibes of Chitkul. The last golden rays were about to settle with ease and meadows of poppy flowers were dancing on the tunes of breeze. This view was straight away from my school books. Some greens & browns shades of nature, gray and blue skies, a mad water stream running across the village crushing all the irrelevant thoughts. It was a kind of peace which I've missed being in the mad city life. Before the blue skies turned gloomy I picked up my camera and clicked some shots. I headed back to my hostel while night has fallen down slowly. Before I could sleep after having my dinner, a star gazing from my window took me to the dreamland.

Day 2

hidden waterfall during a trek

Photo of Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

an old rustic bridge

Photo of Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

a view from my hostel

Photo of Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by _nostamponpassport_

Next morning, I woke up bit late, late than my usual's. I was slightly unhappy about my morning sunrise miss but the view from my window kicked me up to get ready and wandering mood was all set for the later day. The sun was already up and was little harsh hence suns-screen was the saviour. Along with few other solo travelers we crossed an old rusty bridge to go for a small trek. The huge mountains were all dressed up in Pine & deodar tree and river was flowing parallelly along with the trek. Sometimes the sun was struggling to find us due to the thick dark forrest and at times was shining on us too. The butterflies were flirting with dandelion and wild flowers which could be traceable at every step. This was one of the most dreamy trails which I was passing by...also I picked up some pines to make a hand made wind chime with it. The trail took us to a massive maddening water stream. The roaring water was deafening yet the glimpse of waterfall flowing from the peak poured my heart. I Crossed a mini man-made bridge made up of rocks to take a seat on a giant size rock so that I can soak into the beauty of nature. The water itself was taking dive into the shimmery gold due to the sunshine. We all spent some good time sharing our own experiences, telling our tales, different culture from where we all came from, sang some old melodies together...I never thought that one day I will be living such a carefree memorable evening in mid of a water stream surrounded with forrest with unknown people who were not unknown anymore, thats the beauty of travelling I guess!! Before night could take over the orange skies, we headed towards our 2nd day came to an end with loads of laughter and late night chit-chat sessions over the dinner.