Gujarat has many places, you first need to decide what you want. Kutch region is known for white desert, white rann festival happens during that time. Diu and daman are beach places. Diu would be the better one. Dang and Saputara are hill station and forest destinations. Patan and north part has ancient ruins and site. Gir, somnath etc has wildlife sanctuary and famous temples. I would suggest you decide first what you want to see. Buzz me for any further help. Happy vacay!
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Somnath, dwarka, rann, Gir forest, diu
Hello Miss Vrushali [NOTE: Sorry its going to be little long answer hope you find it useful] First you have to decide where you wanna explore In kutch there few places must visit 1. its Mandvi where there is a beach as well as a Palace which is know as Vijay villas palace (visit before 5 in the evening bcz its closed at 6-7) 2. its white desert and nearby there is kalo dungur (that means black mountain in english if we translate it) and while going for a trip to white desert please have a look at the dates of the events. That will be more good to travel during event time. 3. Now comes Adipur where there is the grave of lovers which is believed to be moving closer every 1-2 years just by the some micro distance. There is a story behind it that is also interesting. After that there comes the Somnath which i guess comes in Saurashtra region Somnath is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva and has located nearby the beach. (The waves over there are so strong that its good to stay away). Then there comes next Dwaraka its also a good place where there is temple and located nearby the sea area as wrll. Where is bet Dwaraka nearby where you have to travel by boat that place is such a beautiful place to explore Then next comes Junagadh there is wildlife sanctuary would like to suggest that must visit the sanctuary you can see lions and tigers too. And the Girnar added more adventure to the place Girnar is a mountain which has around 10,000 stairs and you need a whole day for that. to go upstairs and come back (Suggestion: If planning to go over there start climbing early in the morning). Beware of monkeys. Then there comes the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar Ahmedabad is know as heritage city it has few places for which you need just to complete each and every place its kakaria lake, riverfront park, khochrab ashram. Moving towards Gandhinagar there is a Gandhi Ashram and Adalaj ni vav for which you need 1 more day. Then moving forward there is Vadodara there is again a palace. It is such a beautiful palace must visit that beautiful place. There after moving further there a statue of Liberty which is largest statue in whole world. It is statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Next comes Diu and Daman it has beach in diu and it is good beach just to have fun. Next comes Saputara thats a Hill station its a gorgeous place cover by the beauty of nature. Hope you find this interesting and helpful. Happy exploring Wishing you a happy and safe journey.
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Thankuuu very much.....i got proper idea to plan. thanx a lot.
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