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The entry to Capitol Village, Madikeri Coorg

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For the people of Karnataka, Coorg is a more likely an overnight picnic spot. But for those who haven't yet been to Coorg, you must visit the beautiful green hill-station for these experiences. Set these locations on your GPS, and drive away.

1. Meet and greet with the elephants

If you're a nature lover, the Dubare Elephant Reserve will ensure you have your best experience watching, feeding and bathing Asian elephants. If you're keen, you can also request the people in-charge for a walk into the forest where elephants can greet you in their natural surrounding.

Cost: ₹670 per person (elephant camp activities)

Timings: 9 am to 11 am and 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

2. Be one with nature at this homestay style resort

This home-stay style resort is a place you will love if you're looking for some quite time amidst nature. The sounds of trees rustling, of birds chirping and the stream flowing is what will help you connect with nature.

Capitol Village Resort, Madikeri Coorg

Photo of Capitol Village, Madikeri, Karnataka, India by TheNicologue by Nicole

Cost: ₹2,500 for a double room

Timings: Check in after 12 pm and check out before 11 am

Click here to book.

3. Refresh your childhood memories by enjoying a toy train ride

A little child-like fun is what everyone loves! Raja Seat is a park where "The Kaveri Express", a little toy train runs every half hour. The toy train ride is not more than 10 minutes long.

Cost: ₹5 for the park entry

Timings: 5:30 am to 8 pm

4. Go for coffee & pepper plantations tour

These will be the highlight of your trip. Be it an experience walking through slush or a battle with countless leeches, you can easily end the experience with a nice hot cuppa.

Cost: ₹500-1000

Timings: Variable (in the morning hours)

Operators: Plantation Trails By TATA, Ambatty Greens

5. Feast your eyes to Coorg's iconic waterfalls

Every tourist to Coorg visits the falls. Don't mistake it for a waterfall where you can take off your day clothes and dive in for a dip! The authorities have had to install nets so that people don't get too close to Abbey Fall because of the sheer force.

Abbey Falls, Coorg

Photo of Abbey Falls Madkeri, Hoskeri, Karnataka, India by TheNicologue by Nicole

Cost: Nil

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

6. Witness a collection of vintage cars

If you're a car lover, and don't care much for the fancy clean and polished look, you should definitely head to The Vintage Cars Collection in Coorg. The cars aren't in their best shape because they've been used. I know of many car lovers who have been there and loved it.

Cost: ₹100

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

7. Satiate your taste buds by feasting on Coorgi cuisine

What's visiting a place and not trying out the traditional cuisine! While there are plenty of vegetarian meal options in Coorg, the Pandi Curry is a must-try if you indulge in non-vegetarian.

Coorgi Pandi Curry with Rice Rotis and a chilled beverage

Photo of The Vintage Cars Collection - Coorg, Siddapur, Karnataka, India by TheNicologue by Nicole

Best time to visit Coorg

While Coorg is year-round destination, October to April is the best time to visit when the weather is conducive for outdoor activities.

Best places to stay at in Coorg

Luxury: The Tamara Coorg, The Ibni Spa Resort, Old Kent Estates, Coorg

Mid-range: Coorg Kolamotte, Ochre Moon Holidays, The Blue Mountains Estate Stay

Budget: Soans Comforts, Suroor Tourist Home, The Coorg Chalet

Hostels: Zostel Coorg,

Homestays: Chetty's Homestay - A Wandertrails Showcase, Alan Homestay, Athena Homestay

Hope this helps you plan your list of things to do in Coorg for your next getaway. You can also read all about the 48 hours I spent in Coorg on The Nicologue -


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