Croatia in 10 days!

30th Mar 2018
Photo of Croatia in 10 days! by mind_traveller

10 day itinerary to Croatia.

Day 1

Landed in Zagreb at 19h00. Rented a car from the airport and started driving around 8 towards Plitvice National park. On the way stopped at an amazing pizzeria. Three hour drive and 1 hour break brought us to guest house around midnight.

Day 2

Started the day at 9 AM. Entered the park through entrance 1, took trail B. It was a drizzling day but still an amazing place. Finished the trail back at entrance 1 and left for Zadar. It was am amazing drive with still some snow on the roads.

Day 3

This was a resting day of sorts. Drove to nearby town Nin and spent the day walking around the town. Ended the day with amazing sunset views in Zadar. Had an amazing stay in our B&B Demar. If you have more energy, you might skip Zadar.

Day 4

Drove from Zadar to Krka national park in the morning. It was amazing sunny day and the park was beautiful. In the evening, we had to run ( I mean drive fast) to make it to the other side of the park, Roski Slap, which was also beautiful. I wish we had more than 1 day for this park. We had a guesthouse Atrium Gulin nearby for the night.

Photo of Krka National Park, Lozovac, Croatia by mind_traveller
Day 5

Drove to Sibenik in the morning, and walked up and down the stairs of the old city, remembering Arya running in the streets of the city of Bravos. Went up some castles. Sibenik is amazingly beautiful and highly recommended. We didn't actually stay in Sibenik and drove to Split in the evening.

Day 6

We didn't plan to visit split, it was a stop to give back the rented car and go on a ferry to Hvar. Neverthless, the Diocletian's Palace turned to be an amazing place, and there were amazing food options nearby.

Day 7

Took a cruise to Hvar, a place not so good in the season. Not so many people there. It was cold and rainy. We climbed up the castle on the first day but the views were sort of ok only.

Day 8

Next day in Hvar, we rented a car and drove to Stari grad and Jelsa. The towns were beautiful but not happening at this time of the year. On the way back, we hiked down to a beach with beautiful stones and a bon fire.

Day 9

Early morning took a ferry to Split and a bus ride to Dubrovnik. Arrived a little after noon. walked around the beautiful walls of the city and took a cable car ride up to fort imperial.

Photo of Dubrovnik, Croatia by mind_traveller
Day 10

Took a small ferry to the Lokrum island, which is highly recommended. Came back in the afternoon and explored some other parts of the city. Spent the night in our airbnb and left early next morning.