The Healing Cottage

14th Apr 2020
Day 1

The Healing Cottage, a quaint large cottage, in a small small village in upper Dharamsala region would have been my place to be in the lockdown. But alas!!!

Won't name the village or share picture for now, for the space is private and secluded.

A large and minimalistic cottage overlooks the Dhauladhar ranges, has lilies growing in disciplined rows, bursting with colour and one look at them can heal many a broken heart, damaged souls or corrupted bodies.

The hanging fruits, a distant tree and the bamboo chimes will urge to be creative, be kinky and naughty. Put pen to paper or a brush to canvas or just the camera on your phone to capture the moods of light.

You get picture...right. Enough to make you visualise!!

The village is tiny and often the neighbouring soul would drop in to say "hi" or even better come by say...."biwi ne mirchi ke parothe baneye hain, try karo" or "do piece mutton try karoge".

But I would wait for the sun to set and a melody to fill my heart. A folk musician lives by the corner and one wave at him would be enough to get him started.

Second homes are made of these. They ain't about brick and motar, they ain't about a holiday because you need to go....they call you to be.

Have a drink, raise a toast and glide into slumber with the radio playing some nice number