DAY 7- Paragliding experience at Bir Billing

11th Nov 2021
Photo of DAY 7- Paragliding experience at Bir Billing by Hemalee

I'm one of those who has allergy with any kind of sports so I never thought I'd do a Paragliding on a vacation. Our host from a place where we were staying in Naddi insisted us to give a try and my son ( 8 yrs old) was super excited. 

Where is it?

BirBilling is 2 hrs from McLeod Ganj. It is world's 2nd largest gliding center. Its very very safe too. 

What's the cost?

We paid 2k per person, but later we got to know this is negotiable. 

 What's the process?

You need to reach to Birbilling, from there your pilot /agency would take you to take off place which is 18 kms on the hill. That ride was horrible for me, we went in open jeep and it was bouncy ride. Once you reach the top, your pilot would give you the instructions and then you are ready to fly. Gliding is for 30 -35 mins. Incase you feel uneasy then they'd land early.  Landing location is at Birbilling.

How's the experience?

Wonderful is the only word I can say for this experience. One should try this atleast once in lifetime. Initially you'd might get scared for few seconds but once you are in air , you feel relaxed. Key is start enjoying the ride and forget all other things in life.

Do they provide photographs?

Yes, videos are provided by the agency, included in the cost. They do click landing photos which is on additional cost.

Anything to carry with you?

Depending on weather wear appropriate cloths, don't carry mobile or purse. Sunglasses might be helpful but go light.

Birbilling is a good place for shopping ,specially winter wear and Tibetan prayer flags.  

Gliding is also available in Dharamshala but I was told that its a miniature as compared to Bir Billing. 

Post gliding we did try some refreshments , luckily we got Grilled Himalayan Trout

Himalayan Trout

Photo of Paragliding In Bir Billing by Hemalee


Photo of Paragliding In Bir Billing by Hemalee
Photo of Paragliding In Bir Billing by Hemalee