Dubai skydiving

18th Feb 2019
Day 1

Hello people!

Nandish Shukla (The Globetrotter) - YouTube channel!

How you just ever jumped out of the plane ! - where the life is great!

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I had plans to do it a few times, but it just never worked out.

Before I booked my skydiving experience -

I was researching which company to skydiving with in Dubai and Skydive Dubai seemed like the best choice.

They have two locations, over The Palm Island and the other one is in the middle of the desert.

Needless to say, the first one is significantly more expensive but also way more scenic.

Make sure that you book the right experience. If it’s your first time, you must book a tandem jump.

If you want to do a tandem skydive at the Desert Campus it costs AED 1699. If you want to do a tandem skydive at the Palm Campus, it costs AED 2199.

Best time to take the dive could be between 10.00am - 12.00pm when there is less heat!

You can easily book your first skydiving experience @

My instructor was super cool, with many years of skydiving experience. He was very relaxed and answered all of my questions.

Once that is done, you, your instructor, the other skydiver/instructor pairs and the camera people get on a golf cart type train which drives you for a couple of minutes to the area where you board the plane.

Once you get on the plane, you put on a pair of goggles that you need to wear to protect your eyes. The plane took off right after we boarded.

And that's exactly the point where you're nervous and waiting for you soul to touch the sky!

Photo of Skydive Dubai - Al Seyahi Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by nandish shukla