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4th Mar 2015
Photo of Bali on a Bike 1/6 by Ujjawal Sharma
Photo of Bali on a Bike 2/6 by Ujjawal Sharma
Photo of Bali on a Bike 3/6 by Ujjawal Sharma
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Photo of Bali on a Bike 5/6 by Ujjawal Sharma
Photo of Bali on a Bike 6/6 by Ujjawal Sharma

Bali, Indonesia, is certainly one of the best pocket friendly luxurious destination that should be there on your travel List. Bachelors, couples, groups, honeymooners, this place definitely has something to offer everyone. Since I was on a solo trip, this blog will mostly be covering information about how to travel without a guide or tour programmer in Bali. You can always ping me for suggestions. Exploring Bali by Bike is one of the best ways to explore it. Since most of the roads are narrow a bike quickly allows you to sneak peak and move on.

1) Go Kuta- If you are a Party Animal you really really need to go to Kuta, Every single pub is an open invitation for you to hang out with the crazy night lifers , karaoke , booze , and almost everything. Beware of the Marijuana sellers in this area) :/

2) Nusa Dua & Blue Point Beach - Bali is an island so every single corner is a beach, so you should be aware about which are the good places to be at..For adventure sports like Banana Boat Ride, Flying Fish (My Personal Favorite) and Jet Ski Nusa Dua is the best (Cost IDR 3,75,000 and above). An early start to the day will help you explore more since places are a little far away in Bali.

Finish the water sport activities and move on to see the most beautiful beach of Bali ...The Blue Point beach . Midway you will see other sightseeing places like Uluwatu , Garuna Vishnu Kanchka Temple etc. I skipped these because temples are everywhere :P

3) District Club - Strict Warning ** - Do not go here with your wife /gf :P else you will not return alive . District is a high end club in Bali which offers you all sorts of fun and excitement and booze and almost everything , go there and explore.

4) Tanah Lot, Bedugul Lake etc - Since I was sleeping for almost half of the day.

i could cover only Tanah Lot but bedugul lake is also a strong recommendation from my side.

5) Diving /Snorkelling - I would recommend that you do this on the second day of your trip since you should not be flying for 48 hours after you have done diving ( which is why i could not do diving but snorkelling. Snorkelling at Nusa Dua or Amed are the best in town .

This is a small personalised Itinerary that can be followed while you are travelling. For all Bookings , car renting , Bike renting, Snorkelling equipments, Diving Instructors information you can drop me a message.

The Hotel is just beautiful and the staff is awesome

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