Food tour of Lyon


Food tours are an excellent way to discover a new city and sample local cuisine. Before booking one, research different companies and read reviews to guarantee you have an enjoyable experience.

Lyon is very famous for its attractions and excellent prices for car rental -, as well as exciting excursions around the city and its surroundings -

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This private 3-hour tour will take you to Lyon Old Town and allow you to explore some of the region's finest artisans. You'll have several tastings along the way; always remembering one thing: quality!

Taste of the Croix-Rousse

Experience Lyon like never before with an expert guide and a taste of its finest culinary offerings. From charcuterie to cheese, wine and chocolate - this tour is sure to tantalize any gourmet's palate!

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Croix-Rousse district is renowned for its market and village atmosphere. It also has a long and colorful history linked to silk weaving and Canuts (silk workers) revolts of the 19th century.

Vieux Lyon is a bustling and friendly district that boasts plenty of shops, restaurants and bakeries. It's often preferred by professionals, students and families who book apartments through Urban Sejour.

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Part Dieu shopping center with 260 stores attracts many international visitors annually. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants, art galleries, as well as an UGC cinema.

Electric Bike Tour

Experience Lyon from north to south on an e-bike guided tour and marvel at its Renaissance monuments. Cross over the Saone river into Vieux-Lyon to witness some of its most stunning sites.

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This exhilarating 4-hour tour allows you to discover Lyon's entire city on an electric bike, making pedalling stress-free! From Fourviere hill to Croix-Rousse hill, via Parc de la Tete d'Or and along the banks of the Rhone, this journey encompasses all its iconic sights.

On your tour, your guide will make regular pit-stops to allow you to stop and capture photos of any city landmarks or anecdotes. These inspiring moments will allow you to bring home some incredible pictures that capture the magic of your trip!

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This electric bike tour also includes a food tasting stop in Vieux-Lyon's heart. So whether you're an experienced vegan or just beginning to explore vegan cuisine, this delicious tour offers you the opportunity to sample various plant-based dishes prepared by local chefs and artisans.

Walking Tour

A food tour is an excellent way to discover the city and its local cuisine. Not only will your guide take you around local markets and restaurants, but he or she will also share the history behind each location for a captivating insight into your destination.

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On this 4-hour food tour through Vieux Lyon district, you'll explore it in a gourmet way: among murals paintings and traboules as you visit must-see places with passionate local craftsmen who share their expertise and delicious products symbolic of the area. Enjoy sampling charcuterie, cheeses and praline pie along the way as well as hot or cold drinks!

This cutting-edge guided tour can be conveniently activated at any time with your smartphone. Experience stories crafted by professional guides and actors as you stroll through the historic district at your leisure.

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Vegan Tour

With the growing trend of vegan travel, it has become easier to locate food tours across different countries. Not only will these excursions give you an insight into other cultures but also provide you with a chance to try authentic dishes that you may otherwise overlook.

One such tour is the Vegan Tour in Lyon, which provides a culinary tour tailored for vegan and vegetarian diners. On this tour you will visit some of Lyon's best restaurants and gain an understanding of its local gastronomy.

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Experience some of Lyon's finest vegan dishes and learn about its various culinary traditions. Your tour will include several historical sites and cultural landmarks as well as some popular cafes in Lyon.