Castles and Palaces in Beautiful Germany

Photo of Castles and Palaces in Beautiful Germany by Nahian Nirob

Although exact numbers are not known, the number of oldest forts or buildings in German art conservation estimated to be over 20,000, according to antiques, which is Germany's peak.

History of the castles in Germany

The oldest fortresses in Germany are simple and defensive. These old German fortresses stand high in the ground and were mainly made of wood for protection. Such forts were built in the late eleventh century to fend off growing attacks by the Vikings.

Due to insufficient durability, die critical forts were gradually converted into stone forts. These forts were not only defensive structures, but also helped to maintain the German tradition.

Gradually these archeological histories were gradually replaced by the landowners who built their dwellings instead of forts and the halls were given monument restoration a lot of attention in terms of comfort and were made more durable.

Hohenzollern Castle

In the early eleventh century, the fortress was built on the site of the amazing. However, it had been completely destroyed in 1423 after a 10-month siege.

More than 350,000 people visit Germany every year to see the heritage castle.

Photo of Castles and Palaces in Beautiful Germany 1/4 by Nahian Nirob

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle is found on a hill within the village of Hohenschwangau. This castle was ruled by Ludwig, the second king of Bavaria. However, the king spent 11 nights within the unfinished fort, as he died before the development work was completed. After his death, the castle was opened to the overall public.

More than 1.3 million people visit the fairytale castle. The castle was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

The Singers' Hall with its beautiful wall painting was a favourite project of the king of one of the most important rooms in the castle. However, it is a creative replica of the original historical rooms of the Wartburg in Eisenach, which are much older.

Photo of Castles and Palaces in Beautiful Germany 2/4 by Nahian Nirob

Lichtenstein Castle

The privately-owned chateau often "oyartemabargera fairy castle" known as. Liechtenstein Castle was designed by Carl Alexander Heidelph in the Gothic Revival style.

You can visit the castle via a guided tour; however, some rooms are closed to the public. Some 500 meters away from Lichtenstein Castle, you can find the ruins of its medieval predecessor, Old Lichtenstein Castle.

Photo of Castles and Palaces in Beautiful Germany 3/4 by Nahian Nirob

Eltz Castle

A view of the Rhineland-Palatinate with the ornate sights of the Elzbach River and the eltz Forest. While many daydreams in Germany have been devastated by war and nature, Eltz Castle remains untouched. In addition, it is still owned by the same family it was built 850 years ago, and many original pieces of furniture can still be admired today, making Eltz Castle rather unique.

Make sure you check out the Eltz Castle Armory and Treasury, as it has great artwork by German gold and silversmiths, ornate jewelry, formal and original weapons, and many more.

Photo of Castles and Palaces in Beautiful Germany 4/4 by Nahian Nirob


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