How To Get Tourist Sim For Dubai: The Ultimate Review 2021

Photo of How To Get Tourist Sim For Dubai: The Ultimate Review 2021 by Nahian Nirob

Are you moving to Dubai soon? So you must know that over the past ten years, Dubai has become a major tourist destination. When it comes to your Dubai trip, you need to share your Dubai snaps, browse Google Maps for directions and get an update about circumstances, right? Here comes the point tourist sim for Dubai.

Thankfully in Dubai, you will have cell phone networks that are still simple and straightforward. Therefore, UAE mobile internet speeds are the fastest in the Middle East. If you are traveling to Dubai for the first time, you need a tourist SIM card to maintain a hassle-free trip. But how to get a tourist SIM card in Dubai is a burning question. Don't worry. We are here to give you exact guidelines and information.

Tourist Sim Card Providers In Dubai

Dubai has only two providers of mobile Internet: Du and Etisalat. As a result, there is no competition, and costs are high. So UAE prepaid sim cards rank among the most expensive in the world.

Here are the two SIM company details:

Etisalat Tourist Sim Card

In the world of telecommunications, Etisalat is a well-known brand. It comes with money-saving plans and rapid activation, especially for tourists. Anyone with a valid passport and a tourist visa with an Emirates stamp can use the Etisalat visitor line. Normally, Etisalat visiting lines cost AED 100 + 5% VAT and come with 40 flexible minutes, 40 flexible SMS, 700 MB data, and free Wi-Fi for 5 hours as standard.

DU Tourist Sim Card

UAE's second-largest mobile operator is Du. The Du tourist sim costs 55 AED + 5% VAT and includes 20 minutes, 20 SMS, and 200 MB of data. It is mainly perfect for tourists. In terms of price, it appears to be a fair value and less expensive than Etisalat. Unlike Etisalat visitors, however, Du Line visitors perks can only be used for up to 7 days.

What Is Dubai's Tourist SIM Activation Process?

It is a simple process as you normally do in your country. Moreover, to make it more convenient, here are the steps you can follow:

1- Place the SIM card into the handset's slot.

2- Dial *122# on your phone.

3- After that, you need to provide information about your passport, 4- arrival date in Dubai, and nationality through the dial-pad.

5- If your provided information is correct, the process will begin, and you will be notified.

6- The SIM will be activated, and you will be notified once more.

7- Select your preferable language and start using your Dubai tourist SIM.

Where To Buy a Dubai Tourist SIM card?

You have two options here. Either you can take it from Dubai airport or get into the city and go to any Etisalat or Du store. But, it will be best for you to have a tourist SIM at the airport for the first time.

Best Dubai SIM Card For Tourists

Of course, Du provides significantly better value for money than Etisalat. Its all packages are designed especially for tourists in Dubai.

Photo of How To Get Tourist Sim For Dubai: The Ultimate Review 2021 1/1 by Nahian Nirob

That's all. We hope our guide will help you to have a tourist SIM for Dubai without any issue. If you have questions regarding this, leave them in the comment section, and we'll be back to you ASAP!


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