Strolling through the castles, Germany

8th May 2011
Photo of Strolling through the castles, Germany 1/2 by Shretima Watts
Photo of Strolling through the castles, Germany 2/2 by Shretima Watts
View from the castle.

The moment your train stops at the Lauchheim train station, you know you're in for a special weekend. Oh heavens! It was a beauty. My first step out, I gasped in the fresh air, A walk through the meadows to reach to the castle built in 13th century. It couldn't have been more fairytale-like right?

The castle stood above the city with it's head high and such pride. The idea of living in it for the next two days was music to my ears.  The weather was beautiful with a combination of sun and drizzle added with the aroma of fresh grass. Want a tan? The summer garden is perfect. Church bells every fifteen minutes, Creaky old wooden doors with a touch of modern room locks, a life size portrait of an angry king fills the atmosphere with a hint of mystery. Oh and the chamber music fans, it's a must visit for you! Mozart and Beethoven can be heard in the background almost anytime.

Castle's restaurant Fermata has some lip smacking dishes to offer. Though I'd advise to go with their regular buffet. Vegetarians will be very happy here. The city is not too far and anyone who wants to explore it can take a long walk down the woods and experience the German culture in its raw form.