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8 Ingenious Travel Hacks That Will Completely Transform The Way You Travel

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In my uneventful 29-year-long life, I've yet to meet someone who hasn't been interested in travelling. Everyone likes to unwind amidst unfamiliar but genial surroundings every once in a while to break off from the mundane, and that in turn leads one to travel. However travelling also comes with its excess baggage – you need to shell out money, you're not in your comfort zone, and you aren't really sure what to expect. In order to reduce the chances of your encountering any unsolicited experiences, I have come up a list of 8 travel hacks that will make your future journeys far more pleasant and predictable in a positive sense.

8 Travel Hacks for Better Travelling

1. Save big on flight tickets

It's a shame how much time we waste on the internet trying to find the cheapest flight ticket. There are thousands of websites available claiming to offer the "lowest rates ever", but you can't trust even one of them. However, there is one circumstance that can unequivocally enable you to book the cheapest ticket, and that's if you possess an American Express Card. American Express allows you to get up to ₹5,000 discount on flight tickets, along with several other rewards. Click here for details.

2. Earn discounts on hotel bookings

Whether one admits it or not, a hotel can make or break an entire vacation. So it's important that one books a hotel that ensures a comfortable stay and the fulfilment of all basic and some luxurious requirements. What really takes the experience up a notch is if we can manage a fantastic luxury hotel at a discounted rate. That's precisely what American Express promises. Click here to learn about extraordinary offers on the best hotels domestic as well as abroad.

3. Never pay the entire bill when dining out

Personally, I'm never sure of anything in life other than what I want to eat. I know exactly what, where, and how much I want to spend on my food. And it only becomes doubly important to have good food on a vacation, because you never really understand the culture of an alien land until you've had the local food there. This is one of those travel hacks that will leave you truly mesmerised and drenched in the local flavours of a place. Click here to see a list of some of the best Indian restaurants serving food at discounted rates, if you are an American Express Cardmember.

4. Rent cars at a discount for road trips

The best vacations are those with your closest friends, and intercity road trips with them are the icing on the cake. A road trip is also a brilliant way to explore the true geographical nuances of a different place. Anyway, you'd be lying if you said you've never wanted to travel to Goa just as Aakash, Sam & Siddharth famously did in Dil Chahta Hai! Click here to know how to get a flat 20% discount on your next car rental.

5. Never worry about carrying cash

"Cashless" is the new magic word in our developing nation, and rightly so. Carrying stacks of money to a vacation is just as risky as it is inconvenient, and hence it's only logical to take all your transactions online through a reliable bank card. If you own an American Express card however, you will be eligible for many features that will ensure that cashless travel is seamless for you. This includes replacing your card usually within 48 hours, wherever you are in the world and capping your liability at just ₹1,000 even if multiple transactions have been performed after it has been lost or stolen. You even get 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points (which are redeemable) for using your American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card four times on transactions of ₹1,000 or above every month.

6. Pack strategically

One highly overlooked factor before embarking upon a journey is how you pack your stuff and what you pack it in. A good luggage bag does wonders to your vacation, so you can come back with a lifetime of delightful memories. Whether it's a duffel bag to pack minimally for a short vacation or a luxurious trolley bag for a long Euro-trip, you need just the perfect size and shape for an adventure. Your American Express Membership Rewards® Points can be redeemed on a few handpicked accessories that can make travelling a cakewalk. Click here to check them out.

7. Always be open to adventures

While on a vacation, whenever someone refuses to go to see a particular local attraction or try out an indigenous activity, I always persuade them by saying, "If you've come this far, you might as well go a mile more." It always seems to work wonders. Whether it is a trek or a jungle camp, you should be open to new adventures, because those are what create the loveliest memories and of course you also earn fresh bragging rights. Click here to check out some handy accessories that you can own by redeeming your American Express Membership Rewards® Points.

8. Explore as much as you can on foot

You can't truly fathom a foreign city until you walk down the streets to unearth the local flavour. Whenever one visits an alien land, one has the option to explore it either as a tourist or as a traveller. A tourist goes to all the museums to learn the history, while a traveller goes everywhere to learn the present. It's when you act like the latter that you really discover the status quo and collect ample stories to write back home about. If you wish to become a traveller, you need to take the city and around as it comes by traversing via foot and public transport. To be able to do that, you need to be in comfortable clothes and gear to maximise the output. Decathlon provides you such outfits and footwear to keep you going on, and you can now shop on Decathlon (offline & online) using your American Express Card world over.

There is no substitute for travelling, and you can make the experience more rewarding by utilising your American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card. Get endless rewards as travel hacks, with complimentary lifetime membership to the American Express Membership Rewards Program. Learn how to use Membership Rewards and transform the way you travel. Get the card here.

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