Travel Hacks While Travelling To UK & Europe

Photo of Travel Hacks While Travelling To UK & Europe by Deval Haria

All of us would want to travel but with the least of the budget & that is possible only by keeping a check on all the aspects while travelling. I remember my friends asking me how did I manage travelling solo to UK & Republic of Ireland for 40 days with the budget of only 2100 pounds. Here are some travel hacks which I used while travelling to UK & Republic of Ireland:

  • First & foremost booking your flight tickets in advance helps you to save a lot of money. Try using the sites like Skyscanner to compare the prices of all the airlines on one screen. Always try surfing on the Private Browsing Mode because usually the airline companies keep a track on whatever you surf & thus while surfing it all over again the prices are inflated.
  • Booking your accommodation in advance not only helps you in saving your money but also helps you to get the best of the deals. I would suggest staying in dorms or hostels over hotels as this gives you an altogether a new experience, an exposure to different cultures & in making international friends. Try using the sites like , Hostelworld , Hostelbookers , Airbnb , YHA.
  • Try making online bookings as much as possible for internal transportation because you surely end up paying much more over the counter ( I remember one of this american roommate suggesting me to book my coach tickets to Manchester from Liverpool online which costed me just 6 pounds , which she bought it for 13 pounds over the counter )
  • Try checking in your baggage in advance if you are travelling by domestic airlines like Ryan Air, Easyjet , etc. These airlines allow only one piece of bag while travelling domestic (i.e. within UK & Europe ) { I ended up paying 30 pounds for the Backpack while travelling from Glasgow to Belfast against airfare of18 pounds}
  • In case if you are a student, always keep your Students - ID card along with you. Usually in UK & Europe a student gets many benefits like a discount of some pounds for the admission fees of the museum or may be a discount of some percent while shopping. Thus, always keep it handy & use it to get the discounts as much as possible.
  • Try buying a Day Card once you reach to any city, this helps you to travel in the public transportation for cheap & also helps you free admissions at many tourist places.
  • Before booking a dorm in YHA, acquire a lifetime membership as it helps you to save few pounds for every night that you stay. ( like I got a discount of 3 pounds every night or free Wifi when in YHA )
  • Always visit the Tourist Information Center once you reach the particular city & collect all the maps & information that you would need to explore that city. Also get the schedules of the public transportation like the buses & the metros.
  • While travelling by the public transportation always issue the tickets for to & fro because that is cheaper than issuing the tickets for to & fro separately.

Hope these travel hacks be useful to you on your travel to UK & Europe!!! Bon voyager !!!! cheers...

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