A bad day in MOUNTAIN is better than a good day in BEACH #HillsOverBeaches

Photo of A bad day in MOUNTAIN is better than a good day in BEACH #HillsOverBeaches by deepti ratnam

"Never measure the height of a mountain until you reach the top. Then you will see how low it was"

-Dag Hammerskjold

The filter sun rays coming behind the clouds, the Maggie point at the corner of the road, that Kullahad ‘CHAI’ amid your journey, and that tranquilizing moment! Where would you find all these things other than Mountains. I have a habit of returning to mountains again and again and if you will ask me, I would always choose mountains over beach anytime in my life. Of course, the palm trees, long walks on sand, and sparkling sea has its beauty but nothing could beat the cold breeze, greenery, the aura, the scent coming from the trees, and the connection with nature that you feel.

Being in the mountain changes your life in a better way. The feeling of climbing the 200 ft mountain and reaching at its top is always unimaginable. We all come across lots of mountain pictures on our Instagram account but how many of us ever tried breaking the shackles of our life and dared to climb that tall handsome dark eyed mountain? Believe me when you reach at the top then you will realize that ‘mountains are calling you and you must go!’. Climbing mountain not only teaches you to over power your fear of heights, but it also tests your patience, persistence, and gratitude. Often my friends ask me to accompany them to Goa or any other beach resort, but every time I refuse them saying ‘ABHI EK AUR PAHAD CHADHNA BAKI HAI!’.

Remember what Jordan said in Rockstar:

‘मुझे पहाड़ों में जाना है

फिर से हिमालय देखना है

बाइक राइड्स, सुन राइज, बोर्न फायर जलाना है’

That’s the feeling of mountains! You can’t escape from it even if you want to. Beaches are more or less same; They never fascinate me in a way that mountain does. The ample choices that a mountain gives, for instance, you can climb ice, rock, frozen, snowy, and green mountains and they won’t complain. To travel the mountain is to explore the unexplored world and a hidden treasure of nature that a human has always wanted to.

The breath-taking scenery, deserted roads, remote valleys, scenic beauty, and the process of finding your inner self. Climbing mountains in winter is different from that of climbing in summer. In summer, you will find it a bit easier, but in winters the weather is extremely harsh and you could find a lot of adversities throughout your trekking. But who ask you to stop? The bumpy roads in the mountains are sometimes covered with snow and rocks, so you have to be acquainted with all the necessary items that needed in climbing mountain.

Truth be told, the roads and paths in your life are more difficult than mountain roads; So once in a lifetime stop thinking abut all the adversities that you have faced in life and just climb whatever mountain you feel like climbing. You will feel more energetic and fuller of life than before.

And as Bunny said:

‘मैं उड़ना चाहता हूं, दौड़ना चाहता हूं, गिरना भी चाहता हूं....बस रुकना नहीं चाहता'

So never stop climbing mountain because if anything in this world is permanent is that tall, handsome, dark eyed mountain!