On the Bucket List- Goa!


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In the Span of past 4 years, I have been to Goa 3 times and Everytime I fell over in fall with place. This Place has magic in itself, setting itself apart from rest of India, Goa definitely is God’s Vacation spot if not his own country.

From Beautiful Beaches, to filmy scooty rides to beach shacks to amazing clubs to long drives to Mountains to Waterfall ,Goa has everything one wishes for and resort to perfect vacation.

According to me, here are few of the places that are must visit whenever you plan for your next trip to Goa:

1) Bagga Beach- Probably the most popular beach in Goa with amazing Restaurants, beach shacks,lip smacking food, cheap and good liquor and sea, the breathtaking view of the sea. Most prominent place there would be Tittos club. Visit there but just a reminder this place is bit expensive but worth it.

2) Aguada Fort- You walk for about 300m from where you park your vehicles. You see Sea in front of you and guarding the border line, is the Magnetic Aguada fort. While you are at it, you can hear the water splashes ob the Wall and sometimes the current is so high, water gently hits you on your face. This for me ,on all three occasions has been my favorite place.

3) Cohiba Karaoke Bar- Wednesday and Saturday are the best nights to visit this place if you are in a mood of crazy party. With live singing to great music and delicious food, this club has everything to offer. A must visit.

4) Au Bau Rham- Run and managed by a French lady, this Cafe lies on the kind of a lake side. They serve authentic french food and some locally brewed beers as well. Go there for a peaceful lunch overlooking lake and watch yourself walk to serenity.

5) Chapora Fort- Most Iconic fort in Goa ,because of the that iconic scene from Bollywood movie Dil Chahta hai. Since the movie, it has become one of prominent spots for photo shoots, get together and relaxing as well.

6) Curlies Anjuna Beach- For me more than the place, the ride to this place was far more exciting. With trees all around you, Cool breeze, thoughts yourself, one would surely love a ride to that place. This place offers some great American HamBurgers and beers. With Trans music and right on the beach feels, give it a try for sure.

7) Purple Martini- Here I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets on life. This place beautifully decorated and on the beach.

8) Thalasa- Go there just to relax ,have couple of drinks, delicious lunch and stay there for some time. This place gets into you.

9) Marbella Beach Resort-A must must visit. A place with Trans music, Open air atmosphere, opened till 5am in the morning.

10) Dudh Sagar Waterfalls- A visit to this place has been registered as one of life changing experiences for me. Won’t be able to explain here but probably next blog just for this. But do visit.

Apart from all the places listed, being on the road with friends on your scooty, with beers and wonderful view around, there isn’t a moment where you will get bored in Goa.

And if you are just into parties, this is the right time to visit because all the major festivals would be happening in next 2 months.

Happy Traveling !

Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of On the Bucket List- Goa! by Sachin Bobal