Shhh..this Secret Beach Outside North Goa Is Perfect for Some Crazy Fun


Beaches are for fun, but you indulge without inhibition only when there is not much of a crowd. Goa being so popular, most popular beaches are full of tourists with little opportunity to do something crazy.

But if you go out to the unexplored and nearly secluded beaches like Querim, you pretty much get to do some cool stuff...whether for your own memories or a fun travel post.

Have some crazy fun at beaches where there is no crowd to bother

Spend some time after the sun goes down and if you have a DSLR camera or mobile phone with night mode, capture the beautiful evening sky.

The beach has both smooth sand and rocks, play as you wish but be safe

Photo of Shhh..this Secret Beach Outside North Goa Is Perfect for Some Crazy Fun by theNaveenSoni

How to reach:

It is nearly an hour's drive from popular North Goa hotspots so you can either rent a 2 wheeler or book a local cab.


Two wheeler ride would cost you around INR 500-1500 (depending upon which one do you take) including day rental and petrol

A comfortable sedan would set you back by 2500-3000, but can be shared between a group of 2-3 people

You can add 700-1000 for meals

What to do:

*Soak the sun lying on the beach or play in the water

*Witness a magical sunset

*Attend evening Aarti in the temple outside

A special request: Please enjoy the tourist spots responsibly, do not litter or engage in any illegal activities.

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