The beach is calling

13th Oct 2019

This is completely about the beaches of Goa.  We landed on madgaon station, which is basically in south goa. When we were planning for goa, we searched a lot and came to know that, the north goa has more places to visit then south goa. So we settled for the plan to stay two days in the south goa and the next three days in the north goa. We booked a villa near Colva beach. My God this beach is something I fell in love with. We went to many beaches, but this beach blew my mind. May be it's just because, that was my first beach to visit in goa. The colva beach is not very crowded like baga beach. We went on the beach, and we're completely drifted by the beauty. An endless sea, with waves playing at different energy levels, yes you can't predict them.
       Though it would never be enough to capture the beauty in your eyes, even if you stay all day long. Whenever you look at the beach it will show you some more fascinating scenes. Still, we settled at one of the cafes at the beach and ordered beer for us.
After some time the sun faded away, we decided to squash in the water. Trust me the feeling is completely out of the world when the seawater hits you. A sharp but pleasant, which hurts you but you don't want to get out. For that moment just leave your self in the waves and let them play with you.
  After spending more than an hour, we went to our villa and get changed. We all were very hungry and went  to a hotel nearby. And then again we went to the same beach. Believe me, the charm of the coast was on a different level at dusk. That's how goa treats me on my first day of the trip.