Travel Bug Bites Me

14th Aug 2013
Photo of Travel Bug Bites Me 1/1 by Heena Sharma

This is how it started for ME :)

Life was going so monotonus for me so I just wanted to travel to a new place with friends, enjoy, relax and come back. And the place which we decided to go was Goa( smallest state in India which attracts maximum tourists) which adds more points to my excitement.
We six friends decided to go but only three of us executed the plan me and 2 of my buddies. I am not gonna explain about our trip but the experience and changes happened to me and to my life. We three are friends since so long but we never knew that we had that travel bug.
We were traveling by our own car and the journey we enjoyed, the moments we lived, we enlightened in so many aspects. the place we have targeted no doubt are those place which are in most of the tourists bucket list.
Travel helps me as:
It always helps me to release my stress. It adds for me icing on the cake because I got the best buddies with me to travel, with whom I can release myself completely, with whom I don't need to show off anything, who cares for me but don't even make me feel that cuff around me, with whom I can laugh out loud, or can show my tears without shame, with whom I can booze without fear, with whom I can open my heart out showing them what exactly I feel, what exactly my perspective is for people and the world.
It helps me to know more about myself, what I am, what actually I want, what are my likes and dislikes, what are the limits of me or no limits ;)
It helps me to unravel my false beliefs, to stop my stereotype thinking about anything in life.
I come to know about people from different culture, follow different way of day today routine, different cuisines. It always feel good to talk to them to know about them and to be like them for few days :)
The scenic beauty of the new place helps to relax my mind and body.
If I go on writing the things it will be unlimited. So coming on the point.....
When I realized the bug, THE TRAVEL bug bites me is the time when I came back, my perspective regarding life changed, I am more confident for many things, I felt the urge to see the whole world, I keep on checking the places to go, new adventures to try, I started reading about travel, people from different places and many more. I keep on checking the time me and my buddies can take leave and hop on for a travel.
Its not the destination that really matters the journey, the travel and the most important with whom you are traveling matters. Journey and the place matter equally but my experience says the more part of fun is while traveling. The famous saying supports this "In life , its not where you Go, its about WHO you travel with"
Cheers to all travelers. I wish for everyone in the world once in a lifetime this bug should bite you. Proud to be wanderer.
Happy Traveling