Returning Home


It's been around a month that we entered twenty-seventeen; and there are many memories to share regarding travel (parts of India)and life experiences for the previous year. Regarding the journey, I’ve been through these places during the year (may be multiple times at few places)

Mumbai — Vadodara — Ahmedabad — Kolkata (list will get interesting towards the end)— Jaipur — Haryana — Chennai — Daman — Silvasa— Gurgaon — Delhi — Pune — Nashik — Kolhapur — Goa — Rumsu — SAR Pass (14500 Ft)— Chandigarh — Manali — Tosh — Kasol ….. and many more (which I don’t even remember as of now)

Traveling places and creating memories has always been a dream of almost everyone, and traveling has always been fun for me too. Exploring places, experiencing different cultures and knowing different people; added with natural beauty of all places, is what I’ve always experienced and craved for.

However, there is something that also matters apart from traveling — that is where you land up at the end of the trip to unpack your bags, whom you think about before sleeping every night, whom you text or call up the first in the morning, where you come back to cherish the memories of the trip just completed and where you chalk out the next trip plans again.

This is what our hearts look for — the place, the person and the people. This reminds me of the quote “Home is where the heart is”.

I’ve been a wanderer since a long time and the craving to visit places and to explore every inch of the earth would never end. Now, imagine you were on a ten day odd trek to somewhere in the Himalayas — one of the finest ranges across the globe. Toughest trails and treks, and finally getting rewarded by the peaceful cold breeze and the astonishingly beautiful view from the summit. This would be a great experience worth remembering for the life.

NOW, after the descend you’d look for a place to relax for a day or two at a silent and peaceful place with only the best two or five people of your life. May be that is home — be it your apartment, be it the people who are there with you. Indeed that would be equally peaceful as the summit.

Similar is our journey here on this blue planet. We are here to live, learn, travel, explore places, love, create memories. However, at the end we are bound to return to our homes and ultimately rest in peace with all the experiences and memories.

So, create memories, travel far, love more, be generous, spread happiness and never settle

Carpe Diem..

Love. Cheers!


Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Basant Jajoo
Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Basant Jajoo
Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Basant Jajoo
Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Basant Jajoo
Photo of Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Basant Jajoo