One day trip near Ahmedabad

23rd Jun 2019

Boating Point

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad by Nilamkumar Patel

Those who live in and around Ahmedabad and Gandhiagar cities know very well how difficult it is to find a place nearby to spend quality time on weekends.

After very long search for places to visit in this hot summer, we decided to finally visit Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park which is not so far from both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Actually we thought of many other popular places like Thol Bird Centuary, Nal Sarovar, Jhanjhari Waterfalls site and few others but all places are dry and hot in summer and you can't spend even half day there. So after some research and advise from friends, finally we left for Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park.

It is located on banks of Sabarmati river near village Derol on Gandhinagar - Himmatnagar highway. Appox 74 kilometers from Ahmedabad and just few kilometers from Vijapur town. Roads are pretty good. So, it does not take much time if you are traveling by bike or car.

Park starts at morning 9:00. Ample parking space is available. Entry ticket is Rs 100 per person.

There are two parts in park - 1. Adventure Park and 2. Water Park.

For water park, there are separate entry charges but I suggest avoid water park as you get much better water parks in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Mehsana which is within 70-80 kms from Ahmedabad.

Once you enter, there is a huge park map which has many points shown. A toy train is ready to take you on ride for park (off course with a charge of Rs 100 per person). Park is quite big with many attractions.

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad 1/6 by Nilamkumar Patel
Map at entry point shows all attractions with point numbers

1. Zip line

Nice one. Passes over the artificial pond

2. Boating in artificial pond

Nice experience. Water is not too deep. They provide paddle boats and no time restrictions mentioned. In summer, they also keep sprinklers on in middle of the pond.

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad 2/6 by Nilamkumar Patel
Statue of Laughing Buddha

3. Laughing Buddha point & statue of Merlion

A giant statue of laughing Buddha, connected by a small nice bridge with status of lion-fish of santosa - Merlion like Sinagpore.

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad 3/6 by Nilamkumar Patel
Statue of Merlion - Singapore

4. Dinosaur Point

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad 4/6 by Nilamkumar Patel
A giant statue of Dinosaur

A giant statue of Dinosaur with small eggs and a small statue of baby dinosaur coming out of egg

5. Rain forest

Yet to be finished

6. Duck Park

Very small, not so impressive

7. Amphitheater

Big but just a place people use to sit and have meals

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad 5/6 by Nilamkumar Patel
Emu in open yard with Blue Bulls

8. Emu Park

There are many emus and Nilgais (Blue bulls)

9. Shaheed Park (Martyrs Park)

Theme is quite interesting and park designed well but not maintained and many status / busts are damaged

Photo of One day trip near Ahmedabad 6/6 by Nilamkumar Patel
Replica of Eiffel Tower - part of seven wonders

10. Seven Wonders of the world

These are really nice. Spread over entire park. Eiffel Tower is one of the best.

11. Go Karting

Small circuit for kids

12. Paint ball

Ok Ok

13. Dirt quad bike

Nice, you should try

14. Sageway


15. Few other rides

Fine for kids

16. Water Park

As mentioned above, not so good. Most of the time overcrowded especially in summer season and weekends.

Apart from that, there are small gardens where nearby schools take their students for picnic and use for sports and other activities.

There are restaurants and food stalls at few distances within park. Good part is, you can bring your own meal, no restrictions.

In short, it is a good place to visit when you are out of all options in Ahmedabad. Good for family and groups also cost effective.

So overall, it was a good experience except a hot humid Sunday. That night we had a satisfactory rainfall in Ahmedabad.

Now things to note :

If you plan to visit, avoid summer time. Best time is after monsoon starts, if you love rains or from October to March. You will love to watch river flowing just nearby standing on bridge.

For family and friends, one day trip will rejuvenate you.

There are other attractions/activities as well, some unfinished and not so good to mention.