Drang Gulmarg

18th Apr 2021
Day 1

I went to this magnificent destination covered with Snow and looked like a heaven in December,2020, that is Gulmarg.
I always love to explore the unexplore !!
Drang Waterfall on the way to Gulmarg is a beautiful waterfall which is not a very common spot.
I found this place on Instagram and was keen to visit it. I was visiting with a local driver and when we finally found this after lots of difficulties,  even he said - "Madam itna sundar nazara mene bhi aaj tak nahin dekha"
And there it was, freezing cold, chilly winds and water droplets were all over my face.
Temperature was too low but then this experience was just a feeling ❤❤
Travel just keeps you alive !!
SUGGESTION: If are planning to visit Gulmarg, make sure to download offline map of this place since you might not get Wifi and very less signals 🙂

Photo of Drang Gulmarg by Gunjan Puri
Photo of Drang Gulmarg by Gunjan Puri