How to Manage your Low Budget Short Trips


Who doesn't love to go out and enjoy the beauty around and explore the new places??? I guess Everyone Loves but sometimes the budget and the load of work stops you to do so, specially when you are a student or in the starting stage of your career.

So here I am Giving You Some tips To How you can Manage your Low Budget Short Trips

1. Work whole week but Enjoy Your Weekends: Plan your trip in a way that will be operate on the Weekends or Holiday, you can also marks the dates on the calendar and plan your trips according to the holidays in the months

2. Research is Best: Search for the places around your Location or such places that would be easily cover in one or two day's (Like if you are residing in Gwalior you may plan for Bateshwar Group of temples, Mitawali padavali, or Maybe Agra if you have Only One Day Time). Search for the best place to visit that you are going to visit and the distance to Reach so that you can plan accordingly.

3. Be the Night Owl: Try to Make your plan in which the Travel Time would be cutup In Nights i.e You will reach your Destination in the Morning, this will reduce your Night stay cost and the time that is not Utilize in the Exploring.

4. Try to Cutup Your Expenses: If you are a student then managing a trip on your own saving is something that is Really Hard. So try to Avoid unnecessary Expenses while you are on your budget trip, Try to travel with the cheapest Means of transport (You can travel in General coach of INDIAN RAILWAYS), Try to stay at the Community Halls or Guest Houses.

5.Taste the Local Street Foods: Food and Travel has its own Love story, you can enjoy variety of delicious food while you are travelling. So when you are travelling I suggest you to try the famous street foods it will help you or you can also ask the locals about the famous dishes or famous place to eat at the particular city.

Now lets Enjoy your travel... Happy Travelling