Shopping in Helsinki

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Shopping in Helsinki is a great experience that you won't ever forget. Shopping in Finland starts in the afternoon and finishes up in the night. If you were thinking of getting away from it all when you're in Helsinki, consider having a leisurely stroll around some of the country's most popular streets. Start with the beautiful Esplanadi street. It houses a number of the country's most famous art galleries, museums, and cultural buildings. The shopping district of Espresso station is also worth a look.

Arriving in the capital of Finland, first of all I went to travel to brand stores and iconic markets (the car booked here was very useful).

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The next thing to do after checking out the main shopping streets in Helsinki is to head to the southern part of the capital where the city centers on fashion. There are two main fashion districts in town - Hemsby and Turku. The elegant Esplanadi Church is a great place to start as you witness the beautiful architecture first hand. You can definitely say that the interior design in this church speaks volumes as there are many examples of ancient art in use here.

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One of the best things about holidaying in Finland is the freedom to choose from various types of shops. This allows you to fully experience the shopping streets in Helsinki. If you want to go to one of the more exclusive areas of town, you can opt for clothing or furniture shops. But if you're looking for souvenirs or cheap Finland souvenirs, then head to the market square in downtown Helsinki where you'll find everything you need at an affordable price.

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Another great thing about holidaying in Finland is that you won't have to limit yourself to just shopping. Take in the sights of the capital, while you're there. Start off your day in Espresso station and finish it off in the heart of the city with a visit to one of the many fantastic department stores. In fact, if you stay in the center of Helsinki, you may even find that the nearest metro terminus is right in the very centre of town, which will allow you to travel to almost anywhere in the city.

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As mentioned above, the second most popular activity that expats looking to holiday in Finland will be doing is sightseeing. And since it's fun, it's something that's easy to do with a group. Just don't forget to bring your camera because Finland is known for its unique outdoor culture. Here, you'll find art galleries, museums, and even the famous Finish film festival, which runs every year from mid-August to early September.

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The third activity that is so often neglected by expats looking to explore the beauty of Finland is actually partying. Well, if you're coming to Finland for that reason, you really should include the word 'party' in your description of what to do in Finland. However, the saying goes for all of the things that you might be thinking of while planning your trip, so don't worry too much about it. It'll definitely be a lot more fun if you are enjoying the beautiful scenery, some of the world's best architecture, and the vibrant nightlife of the locals. That's why if you're into live music and art, head over to Cigna Global where you can choose from a wide range of beautiful and stylish Cigna watches. You'll be sure to impress your friends and family when you visit one of the Cigna Global stores around the country.